The Blame Game

The fusion of the sperm and the egg is the core of conception. Men and women are equally responsible for the conception, and there can be innumerable reasons within men and women that lead to infertility. However, in many scenarios when couples have trouble in conceiving, the women are targeted and held responsible for infertility. In some cases, male infertility can be the primary cause, but the blame game continues. Therefore, identifying the problem is the crux.

A semen analysis test identifies the causes of male infertility. Sperm health, blockage of sperm delivery system, hormonal imbalance and testicle-related problems are some of the reasons for male infertility. One of the best treatments that have been successful in many cases is the Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI fertility treatment. In this procedure, the sperm is injected directly into the egg and the fertilized egg is then transferred into the womb. One cycle of this treatment takes approximately four to six weeks.

ICSI has been successful in combating male infertility. Let us look at some of the scenarios where ICSI can be used:

  • Sperm count

When the sperm count is very low, chances of fertilizing the egg are low. In such scenarios, the ICSI method can be used to inject the sperm into the egg and facilitate fertilization.

  • Sperm motility

Movement of the sperms, also known as sperm motility plays a key role in fertilization. The percentage of sperms that are progressing forward is determined during a semen analysis. The quality of the motility of the sperms and the forward progression is considered in determining the health of sperm motility. Low motility can result in the sperm not able to reach the egg and fertilize it. ICSI procedure can be used to treat cases with low sperm motility.

  • Sperm morphology

Abnormal sperm shape, coupled with low sperm motility can result in infertility. In such scenarios, ICSI proves to be an optimal treatment with a good success rate.

  • Blockage in the reproductive tract

If the ducts that enable sperm movement are blocked, fertilization would be affected. ICSI method helps in such scenarios because the sperm can be injected into the egg in an external environment.

So, before you lose time playing the blame game, approach an advanced fertility centre in Bangalore to identify the problem, analyse the best treatment, and step out with the hope of seeing your bundle of joy.

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