The Biggest American Football Teams in the World

American Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, you can also get to find them on popular online casino slot games through sites like And, some of these slot games are a lot more fun because they come with a realistic view of the whole gaming process online.  And just in case you have no idea about the sport, here are some of the most important sot games that you can get to play online.

The New England Patriots

This team has some of the most super bowl wins in history.  The team has managed to appear in the super bowl 11 times. But, it has managed to win the games six times. They have won over half of their super bowl games. The team has also managed to scoop a lot of gaming awards and tournaments, making them even more successful and respected.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This team has managed to play in the super bowl 8 times.  Of those 8 times, they managed to win those matches 6 times. Meaning, this sets their Super Bowl ratio at an impressive 0.75. The remainder of the chances, they were part of the top two teams in the tournament. Therefore, if you are into sports betting or best online casinos sport betting, you will never go wrong with this team. Not only will you get to make real money, you are guaranteed of having the most fun while viewing the gaming as well.

The Dallas Cowboys

This team has also made up to 5 super bowl appearances. And, they certainly deserve to be amongst the top 3 football teams in history. Of their 8 appearances, the teams managed to win 5 times. Even though most of their appearances in the tournament are dated back to the 20th century, you will definitely be getting good quality gaming from this team. It has managed to keep its slot as the best team there could ever be.

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