The best weight loss program than can help you with banana and milk!

Banana is one of the most delicious fruits of the world. It is also one of the fruits that are easily available and also not much expensive. It is one of the fruits that are available in all seasons of the year. There are countless benefits of banana for health. Weight loss is one of the major health problems of the human body. More or extra weight is the mother of all diseases. It is observed that lean people have very low and healthy weight. Weight loss occurs when someone burns more calories than he or she has taken. Banana is the best fruit to lose weight. How banana works to loss the weight is described here in detail

carbs in banana review

Low calories with all essential nutrients

Banana is the fruit which has very low caloric content with all essential nutrients. The main thing is a thing is supply all essential nutrients to the body so that body can perform well in its organized way. When body will get all essential nutrients also with low calories, it will be doubly benefit to the body. There will be no storage of fat in t body and one can maintain healthy weight very easily. The nutrients in the banana are helpful in maintaining the cognitive, mental and physical health. One medium sized banana contains the 105 kcal.

Weight loss

Center for disease control has described that people who lose two to three pounds in a month can maintain a healthy weight after quitting the weight loss plan while people who want to lose abruptly (5 to pounds) in a month cannot maintain their weight after weight loss plan ended.

carbs in banana

One to two bananas daily is helpful in maintaining the weight because if there would be less physical activity than there will be no fat storage in the body and it will lead to slowly weight loss in a healthier way.

Save the calories

When someone has started a weight loss plan and taking a cup of ice-cream which has 350 kcal. It will be helpful for him, he replaces the ice-cream cup with two bananas according to carbs in banana, because like ice-cream, there will be no fat in the banana and total calories will be 210 kcal. In this way he will save a handsome amount of calories.

Banana is the fruit which is also called as the easily and all time available fruit. There may be no doctor or dietitian in the world who recommends eating banana if you want to gain weight because banana is used to lose weight due to so many health effects of banana. Same like the weight loss problem, weight gain is also a very important and common health issue. Some people are too lean and weak that they not look beautiful. Such people are also stressed due to their less weight just like the overweight people who become stressed due to more body weight. It is common fear among obese people that they will to gain weight if they eat banana.

Many people asked Do banana cause weight gain? Bananas won’t, because banana is a fruit which is full of essential nutrients and have no fat content in it. If there is no fat content in banana then how banana can cause weight gain? It is a wrong concept. In fact banana is a weight reducing food item and dietitians recommend different plans to lose the weight by eating bananas. Gaining and losing weight also depends upon the quantity of the banana one has taken. If the quantity would be more than recommended then obviously there would be some side effects of using more and more banana only.

  • Calories and carbohydrate in banana

A medium sized banana has 105 calories and 17.5 grams of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important for body and are regarded as the fundamental for the body’s functioning. These are required for smooth and normal functioning of the body. If one has taken more bananas it is clear that more or extra carbohydrates will be stored as fat in the body and it will lead to weight gain.

Banana also has the low glycemic index which is basic requirement of the body if someone wants to loss the weight. When there will be more carbohydrates in the body, the stored fat in the body will increase the body’s glycemic index and it will lead to increase the weight.

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