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Rogaine Reviews

one of the most common symptoms of advancing age is hair loss. everyone wants to look handsome and beautiful so if you are looking for a solution for androgenic alopecia, all you need is Rogaine  apart from oral minoxidil it was thought that topical Rogaine should also be prepared for the treatment of hair loss therefore this gives the concept of a great product effective for baldness.

rogaine reviews

Rogaine Use:

recommended dose of Rogaine by FDA is 1ml of solution to be applied on dry scalp twice a daily. it takes almost four to five months for effective results and to differentiate  Rogaine before and after effects. within a few months you will get desired and remarkable change and improvement.

Effectiveness of Rogaine:

Rogaine proved to be best on individuals who have been suffering from androgenic alopecia from five years and whose baldness was less than 4 inches in diameter. one thing to be kept in mind while using this product is its more effective on men than on women and Rogaine before and after effects are wonderful.

Best Results:

you will get best Rogaine before and after results by using Rogaine 2% strength solution within 16 weeks. effective results can also be seen within 8 weeks by using 5% extra strength solution.

Some Side Effects of Rogaine:

it`s quite expensive.

Rogaine is a synthetic product. it is not prepared from natural ingredients.

if you discontinue the use of Rogaine, your hair will start shedding off again so for this reason you have to continue the product.

Rogaine Reviews:              

The American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) tells some reviews about Rogaine in following words:

Rogaine has been proved the best option for re-growth of hair. it effects marginally and has no influence on hormone regarding hair loss. users find best positive effects for temporary period. it`s effects are quite disappointing regarding long term use.

According to FDA and AHLA the combination of two drugs like Finasteride and minoxidil are the best and most appropriate treatment for hair loss and androgenic alopecia. this combination is recommended in individuals in which finasteride is not so much effective. from Rogaine reviews we conclude it that a small percentage of people find it quite effective.

From Rogaine reviews you cannot specify the strength of the Rogaine, I used 2% Rogaine solution for four years but find it ineffective for hair loss.

From Rogaine reviews it is clear that 5% extra strength solution of Rogaine has totally opposite aspect,

After 8 years of my constant struggle for hair loss, from a local hair loss clinic I came to know about Rogaine and I start using it and I was quite impressed and shocked after getting remarkable  positive results.

Another  Rogaine Review story of 5% extra strength Rogaine is I find this product very effective as any other item in the market. I also reduced its dose by three quarters from last three years.

According to my personal experience and Rogaine Reviews I would recommend you to go for natural products first and then try pharmaceutical or synthetic products. in the early stages of hair loss 2% solution is worth trying but if it`s not effective for your hair loss go to second option that is 5% extra strength solution of  Rogaine. But do not use stronger concentration.

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