The Advantages of Using Lined Drapes

There’s a long list of options when it comes to lined drapes in Melbourne. Considered to be a window covering type that’s traditional, classic and practical all at once, lined drapes remain a popular option when it comes to interior décor. 

In simple terms, lined drapes are simply just draperies or curtains that have been lined with another fabric, helping to maximise the privacy they offer and improve the shape of their drape as they hang on windows. Lined drapes in Melbourne bring many benefits to homes, workplaces and various other kinds of properties. If you’ve been considering purchasing lined drapes for your own home, here are some of the many advantages you’ll be able to enjoy.

 Variety of Styles

When it comes to lined drapes in Melbourne, the good news is that there’s an endless range of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics available. This means you can find the ideal lined drapes or curtains that perfectly complement your space. As you shop for lined drapes, you’ll discover a variety of options that can directly suit the aesthetic of your space and even boost it, helping to transform your space into a stylish and impressive interior. From shiny fabrics through to matte finishes, you can find something as subtle or elaborate as you like to suit your preferences.


Lined drapes are most commonly used because of the high level of privacy they provide. Thanks to the double lining, the opacity of the curtains improves and allows you to completely block out the outside world. For this reason, they’re chosen for all kinds of spaces, ranging from family homes through to confidential working places. Beyond their privacy and light control benefits, they also offer noise reducing qualities. With lined drapes, you can block out the sounds of traffic, construction sites and other general outdoor sounds. If you enjoy light shining into your rooms, you can also opt for a sheer lined drape style.


Lined drapes have grown as a popular interior décor addition because of their sophisticated and timeless elegance. Although many people view them as a traditional aesthetic, there are lined drapes in Melbourne that can still complement the most modern of spaces. It just comes down to the type of fabric you choose. As you search, be sure to stick to your theme. For example, opting for eccentrically patterned lined drapes for a minimalistic space isn’t going to be the best choice.


Although the insulation qualities of lined drapes are dependent on the fabric used, lined drapes are highly regarded for their ability to regulate the temperature of a room and block out harsh sunlight. Lined drapes are the perfect choice for homeowners that want to stay comfortable throughout all seasons, as the heat and coldness of the room can be retained with their fabrics. For this reason, lined drapes have become a popular choice for family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more. For more effective insulation properties, opt for thicker material types.

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