The 3 Most Common Causes For A Vehicle Breakdown

Did you know that the most common cause for a vehicle to breakdown is because of a flat battery? This problem happens around 350,000 times a year and leaves many motorists stranded in the morning or after they have left work. Next on the list is placing the wrong fuel in a car, this happens once every 3 minutes across the UK and once again leaves motorists stranded on the petrol station forecourt or shortly down the road if they have driven the vehicle after. The most common way to do this mistake is putting petrol in a diesel car, as the diesel filler nozzle is larger then that of the petrol one.

Vehicle Breakdown

Next on the list is a flat tire; this happens so often that vehicle breakdown companies now have dedicated fleets just to deal with flat tires. It’s estimated that in the UK alone a vehicle breaks down every 20 seconds. This shocking figure was released earlier this month from the Automobile Association based in the UK. It included an in-depth data sheet that listed the top 20 breakdowns in the UK.

The AA and other automotive associations often use sub contractors to carry out much of their work, as having a fleet large enough to deal with every breakdown would not be cost effective.

Comparing the information that we have this year compared with the figures from 10 years ago, vehicle breakdowns are on the rise this is probably due to the constant demanding of new technology to be placed into our vehicles. This new technology is susceptible to faults and the constant adding of this new technology will bring out faults in the system causing the vehicle to breakdown.

This figure also matches the rise in drivers driving vehicles; many people start driving at a younger age and some people have more than one vehicle that they drive, all these things come into account and play a part in the increase of vehicle breakdowns in the UK.

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