Testing and Measuring the Results of Your Letterbox Drop Campaign

All businesses depend upon marketing to generate business. However, small businesses have strict budgets and often turn to more affordable options such as letterbox distribution. Even though this is a cheaper alternative to other methods, it can still chew up a large portion of a small business’ advertising budget. It’s therefore important to be able to measure the progress and effectiveness of a letterbox drop campaign so you can get the most out of every dollar spent.

H2: Choose a Metric

Set a goal early. Should this campaign drive traffic to your website, or is getting more foot traffic inside your store a better goal for your business? Remember that while sales is an easy metric to measure, it can be a difficult one to achieve results in – plus sales aren’t the only measure of success. Decide on what you want to achieve with this campaign so you know what to keep track of and what to measure. By doing this, you can create a benchmark to measure against. After all, there’s no sense in investing in letterbox distribution and tracking how many potential customers enter the store if you don’t have records of foot traffic previously to compare it to.

H2: Add a Unique Element

When designing your brochure, consider adding an entirely unique element to it, whether that comes in the form of a voucher that needs to be presented in store or a special code that gives a discount of some sort. These techniques will allow you to easily measure how many people are making use of your flyer to make purchases.

H2: Create a Call to Action

Creating a sense of urgency with a call to action can help give you clearer insight into the success rate of your flyer. If business increases in the weeks following your letterbox drop, you can attribute it to the campaign. Find ways to measure the number of people in store or online, whether by estimation at the end of each day, running an eye over CCTV footage, or by taking statistics from a web program.

The best way to create urgency is by giving your special an end date. Encourage people to take action by the end of the month and you’ll know for sure whether the increase in traffic is a result of a successful letterbox drop or just a coincidence.

H2: Remember – Some Things Aren’t Measurable

While brand recognition is not a measurable metric, it’s a way your business could be benefiting from letterbox distribution without you even realising. Large scale purchases are also difficult to measure. If you’re trying to sell cars to people, a regular letterbox drop is a great way to promote brand awareness and keep your dealership front of mind when it comes time to make the purchase. However, as this is a long term plan, it’s nearly impossible to measure.

Taking advantage of letterbox distribution could do your business a world of good, but you’ll only know by tracking the results. Get value for your money by knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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