How has technology evolved in fantasy sports?

It’s common knowledge that the internet is the preferred platform for fantasy sports fans. Although fantasy sports have been around for a fairly long time, the technology available to us now has opened many doors that were closed back say 10 years ago.

It’s now possible for us access our fantasy sports teams online from pretty much anywhere, via a multitude of devices. There are statistics readily available that help us make informed trading and transfer choices, and there are even television shows and channels dedicated to fantasy sports.

What are fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports are a type of online game where players build a team of virtual athletes; (the athletes are real people who are converted into a virtual or statistical format for the sake of fantasy sports). These teams that are created compete against each other in a number of different league formats, with the success of each team being based on the real life performance of the athletes selected.

The platforms that are used to play fantasy sports can often be extremely complex and are governed by institutions or authorities who are held in high regard within the chosen sport. For example, Fantasy Premier League in England was actually set up and is governed by the Premier League itself.

There are often some great prizes (sometimes cash) to be won for the best performing teams in fantasy sports; however the majority of people take part for the fun of it.

 The growth of the internet

The growth of the internet over recent times has given a huge boost to participation in fantasy sports; especially when it comes to fantasy football. This boost in fantasy sports has subsequently led to an increase in overall interest in the NFL itself. This is because people who wouldn’t have usually been too invested in the sport are because they’re able to associate themselves with it through their fantasy football team.

Going back not too long ago, not everybody had access to the internet. However nowadays it’s very unlikely that you’ll find somebody who doesn’t have regular access to a reliable internet connection.

The evolution of our devices

Due to the developments in mobile technology we now have apps on our phones and tablets that allow us to make fantasy sports trades at any time, no matter where we are. This is a key factor when it comes to keeping people engaged in fantasy sports. It’s no longer a case of having to loading up the PC or laptop in order to make a change to your team; now all you have to do is pop your phone out of your pocket and press a couple of buttons.

Media coverage and the growing fantasy sports culture

NFL Fantasy Live is a prime example of how the media have begun to really embrace and promote fantasy sports. There’s now round the clock coverage and updates available to fantasy sports players that allow them to keep updated on not only their team, but the sport as a whole.

It’s estimated that there’s now over 27 million American adults playing fantasy sports, with 85% of these people playing fantasy football. This is a huge increase from 10 years ago and is in no small part down to the technological developments we have recently seen.

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