Fashion is no longer a matter of taste, but technology. Both fashion and technology are gradually changing at a speed we can barely keep up with. Nowadays, new technologies are much involved with clothing and apparels that you cannot judge whether you are wearing technology or vice versa. If smart and elegant garments, digital skins and eco-friendly reactive dress sounds like an unbelievable future of fashion to some, the role of technology for the changing face of the fashion industry today is indisputable.


In this present high tech world, technology has really made it very easier to connect with others even to get a customer’s attention. Looking for creative ways to persuade customers to purchase has become a business on its own for the fashion industry. Without the most recent advances in technology, the majority of fashions will never even get noticed. As customers move more to fashion advice on the run and internet sales for their purchases, retailers and manufacturers have turn out to be more creative than ever in showing the world what they have to offer. From the clothes we wear to the industry that supplies them, the continuous rise of fashion bloggers, to the democratization of the catwalks and decoding data for enhanced customer experiences, the world of fashion has really been improved by the latest in technology, making it seems like nothing is outside the limits of possibility.

Here are a few ways technology is changing the world of fashion:

Smart Clothes

Now we have clothes with trackers in them; Solar-powered fabric that charges your devices while you sunbathes; Biometric clothes that track your vitals while at the gym among others. So far, some are even more than a little pie in the sky, but it is unavoidable that ever-shrinking gadgets and the increase in digital availability will make the world of silk and silicon converge as times goes by. After all, as electronics become a lastingly well-established part of our lives, where better to bury them than the stuffs we wear daily?

Miracle Dress Shirts

Do you desire a stain-repellent shirt that resists or repels red wine like an aqua-phobic teetotaller? Or a shirt that stretches to move with your body or the one that irons itself using your body heat?  All of this is within the realm of possibility thanks to the developments in textile technology that raises the usual shirt past the limitations of just cotton. With a blend of synthetic and natural fibres, apparel makers are making our workday supports more comfy, flexible and lower maintenance—one less thing to worry about.

One good example of how technology has changed fashion is the simple, elegant and sexy stylewe pants, having lots of reviews from satisfied customers. With technology and fashion being an important part of our lives, it will not be long before we see a merging of the two.

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