Technology And Healthy Living – New Home Construction In Canberra Australia

New home building in Canberra Australia is setting new standards in design, technology integration and construction methods and is gaining interest from house builders around the world. Leading the charge is Canberra based Natura Homes, new home builders Canberra who have a new approach to new home design.

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Regulation of Temperature In The Home Through Smart Home Design

Canberra has an unusual climate in that it is extremely cold in winter, often reaching temperatures below freezing and very hot summers, with temperatures reaching close to 40C at times. Natura homes design their homes to take advantage of enhanced natural ventilation and thermal mass to create a more regulated year round internal temperature that keeps families comfortable with minimal heating or cooling costs.

Integration Of Home Ventilation And Purification Systems

Each and every new home built by Natura homes includes the integration of state of the art air purification systems that feed into the ventilation system in the home​. This creates a very healthy environment for families. The benefits of these systems include the minimisation of the possibility for mould growth. Mould can be hazardous and unsightly and generally grows where excess moisture in the home air and surfaces is present. By measuring the percentage of water vapor in the air and then controlling that​ moisture via an energy efficient dehumidification process, the moisture levels in the air are decreased and it becomes virtually impossible for mould to grow within the house.The air purification systems installed in all homes by Natura homes means that family members with a predisposition towards allergies and asthma find the environment very healthy to live in and many of their health issues are alleviated by living in a well ventilated, moisture controlled environment. The air purification systems make use of the latest filter systems that employ nano fibre technology. These filters are considered the highest quality available in air quality control today and remove over 98 percent of airborne pollutants and smells from the atmosphere within the home.

Energy Efficient House Design To Suit Canberra Climate

Natura Homes have built energy efficient technology into every element of their homes, meaning that the running costs of the home, which includes electricity bills, gas bills, heating and cooling costs, cooking costs and lighting costs are all reduced meaning a very inexpensive year round running cost for the entire home. Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a complex area as more energy saving devices come onto the market and new home design techniques create low carbon footprint homes. Natura Homes create energy efficiency through the use of:


  • ​Solar Power. Natura Homes ​use solar power integrated into their new homes to reduce the reliance on grid supplied power. This can typically mean a 50 to 80 percent reduction in household electricity bills
  • E.D. Lighting. Through the installation and correct placement of L.E.D. lights throughout their homes, power savings of an incredible 90 percent can be achieved on lighting running costs. The replacement cycle for L.E.D. light bulbs is typically 3 to 5 years meaning lighting maintenance costs are reduced also.
  • Double Glazing. Natura Homes can integrate double glazing into their home design. Up to 60 percent of heating and cooling costs can be attributed to heat loss through windows. Double glazing can reduce the loss of heat by 90 percent and the ‘payback’ period for double glazing installation can be less than 4 years.


​Conclusion. By integrating healthy living and energy saving concepts into their new home designs, Natura Homes can offer Canberra new home buyers and state of the art option for healthy, low cost living.

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