How to talk to your barber at Bloke Barber in Montreal

Your inability to communicate well with your barber is one of the main reasons why you leave your barbers shop with a less than satisfactory haircut. Most blokes want a simple Montreal haircut- something that doesn’t stand out too much. Hair on the sides cut just short enough to keep the skin from showing, and slightly longer on the top, just enough to part. This kind of haircut will last about a month before it begins to look messy again.

The length of the hair depends on the type of hair you have and the kind of styling you need. Let your barber know what you do with your hair on a daily basis as far as styling is concerned. Also let him know of the kind of hair products you use.This will give him an overall idea of the kind of hair maintenance you are used to, which will enable him to set you up with a hair style that suits your lifestyle.


Bring a picture

One of the easiest ways to let your barber at BlokeBarber Montreal know what you need is to bring him a picture. This can be a picture of a hairstyle you saw in a magazine or a picture of the hairstyle you had had last time that you want him to recreate. This takes the pressure off of you and the barber, as you both are fully aware of what the end result needs to look like.

However do not bringing a picture and ask for something a little different. This can be more confusing than trying to communicate it verbally. Spend some time on the internet and find a picture of the hair cut that you actually want. In some cases, the hair cut that you want might not be suitable for the kind of hair that you have. In such cases you barber might suggest something similar that suits your hair type better.

Getting into the details

If you are looking for something more sophisticated and personalized, then you might have to invest some time in learning about the necessary hair cut terminologies. Words like high fades, low fades, undercut, pomps, etc should be a part of your vocabulary. Since these cuts are different from a standard haircut, you should expect a thorough discussion with your barber when you talk to him about these.

Do not give your barber vague instructions like “just a trim a little off the top” or “short on the sides, little longer on the top”. Be clear on what you want. Nothing makes a barber mad like vague instructions. So, are you ready for the most satisfying trip to Blokes Barber in Montreal?

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