How to Take the First Step Towards a Better Lifestyle

Your bad habits are parts of your life that you don’t like, but are familiar and comfortable with. The thing about trying to change these bad habits is that you are always in danger of relapsing. That is why the first step should always be to find a better alternative for your habits, and to then try to replace your bad habit with a good one that offers positive reinforcement.

  1. Identify Areas You Would Like to Change

You can’t completely change yourself or your life overnight. Instead, make a list of areas in your life that you would like to change. You can make a comprehensive list, or you can make a short and simple one. Once you have identified the areas that you want to change you will then need to figure out why you have those bad habits. For instance, do you eat unhealthily because you don’t know how to cook well? Knowing the triggers and reasons behind your bad habits can help you change them.

  1. Find Easy Alternatives to Help You Reduce Those Habits

You don’t have to go cold turkey on your bad habits. Not only does this not typically work for many people, it also has a higher risk of relapse. Instead, find alternatives that will help you reduce the affects your bad habits have on you. For instance, use artificial or natural sweeteners instead of sugar, or use e-cigarettes instead of real ones. With vaping, for instance, users find they can reduce their intake and even eventually quit. Changing from smoking cigarettes to vaping won’t cost you more than your original habit already does, as there are great cheap ejuice options available.

    1. Make New Habits

You need to have a habit or activity to replace the old, bad habits with. Finding alternatives that will help you reduce your bad habits is the first step. If you want to go further, you will have to replace your bad habits and make better ones in their place. For instance, if you need to get more exercise, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you continuously eat take-out, buy cook books and invite your friends over to try your food. Reward yourself for your good replacement habits.

  1. Repeat

Trying to fix everything about your lifestyle that you don’t like at once is impossible. If you try to overdo it then you are sure to fail. Instead, focus on one bad habit at a time, and before you try to completely cut it out try to first find better alternatives that will steer you on to the right track. Taking small steps is better than trying to take giant leaps that you end up back-tracking on. You need to try and try again every time you fail. Get your friends and family to help you, too.

Jumping headfirst into a better lifestyle won’t work. You need time to figure out what suits you, your life, and your tastes. You need to identify the triggers and causes and then work on replacing those bad habits with better ones.

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