Switch to vaping and save your dollars on health care costs – A rational approach

It can’t be denied that there are more than one reason to switch from conventional tobacco smoking to vaping or even for switching from smoking herbs to vaping concentrates. Health benefits are undoubtedly the most compelling reasons to make the switch and there are studies which found that vaping is 95% safer than their tobacco counterparts. This is enough reason to ditch smoking and take to vaping. However, apart from this, did you know that this conscious switch can also have a positive impact on your bank account as well?

Vape mods are devices which can also help you save money and before you book a vape mod for yourself from online sites, make sure you go through the reviews from resources like e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk. Now the question is how much money you can save. Well, there is no such concrete answer to this question but there are definitely several factors which come into play.

How much is smoking costing you?

Well, the prices of smoking tobacco products vary from one state to the other due to the individual state taxes. The prices per pack of tobacco cigarettes range from $5.50 to $14 in few states. One pack in a day could cost you nearly $2000 in a year and in case you live in a state where the taxes charged are pretty high, this number could pop up to $5000 in a year. On the other hand, if you smoke dry herbs, the prices can be even more.

Quitting smoking can help you save on your health care costs:

Whenever a smoker approaches a health insurance providing company, he will either be given not enough coverage or he will be charged high insurance premiums. Now that he has to pay more on premiums, both buying packs of tobacco cigarettes along with paying heftier premiums will hamper his bank account. But if he is conscious enough to make the switch from smoking to vaping, the harm caused to your health will be reduced and this will automatically reduce your health care premiums. Whenever the insurance carrier finds out that you’re healthy enough to prevent yourself from accruing deadly diseases, he will charge you low premium amounts.

Probably the biggest investment that you can do is on your health. Begin by switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes so that you can reduce the harm that is caused to your health. The 7000+ carcinogenic chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes can have an adverse impact on the health. Take into account how you can save money by switching to vaping and ditching smoking.

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