How to Style your Kurti with different Kinds of Bottoms – Know their Types

A kurti is a traditional Indian garment, which looks like a tunic but has slits on the sides. Kurtis are popular worldwide and they are known for their elegance, comfort and style. They can be paired with a number of things.

There are a vast range of bottoms that can be paired with a kurti. Initially, women used to wear a churidar or a salwar with the kurti. However, over the years, the number of bottoms, which can be worn with a Kurti, have increased. In this article, we will be talking about various kinds of bottoms, which can be paired with different kurtis.


Know about comfortable leggings

These days, most of the women prefer wearing their kurtis with skin hugging leggings. They are mostly made up of a material, which is quite stretchable and is extremely soft. Leggings are not just comfortable nut they will shape your legs better enhancing the look of your outfit.

They can be worn by anyone with any body type. They are usually advisable to pair with kurtis, which are loose and kind off flared. Leggings are considered as the best option for the women with a fat belly as it helps them to hide it better.

Comfortable and elegant – Churidar

Initially, people used to wear churidar rather than leggings. Though leggings are comfortable and stretchy, they do not have the elegance and charm which is provided by churidars. They are usually advisable for the people who do not want to wear a legging and still want to hide their flabby parts. Churidars come in a variety of designs and colours. They look the best with anarkali kurtis and even long kurtis.

Various other kinds of bottoms

There are many other kinds of bottoms you can check here Fashionbuzzer. The most popular ones are –

  • Jeggings – Jeggings are a mixture of a jeans and a legging. They are slightly thicker than leggings and provides a look of a jean. There are no hassle of a zip or a button. Jeggings can be worn by anyone.
  • Patiala pants – Patiala pants were initially worn in Punjab. However, now they are popular worldwide. They are generally made up of cotton and are stitched very loose. This allows your skin too breathe in heavy summers. A Patiala pant can be paired with a variety of kurtis and they are suitable for any occasion.
  • Dhoti salwar – They are inspired from the dhoti dress, which was worn by the Brahmins in the ancient period. They are flowy and loose and can be paired with a short kurti.
  • Jeans and capris – They are evergreen and can be paired with any casual kurti.
  • Palazzo – Palazzos are such pants, which are wide on the bottom and narrow on the top. They look the best with either a short or a medium length kurti.

Apart from all of the above, short kurtis for long skirts are becoming very popular. This look is supported by a number of Bollywood actresses. A short kurti along with a long skirt can be worn by anyone and pairing this look with a scarf will look glamorous.

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