Stream Torrents for your favourite episodes on TV

Are you the one, sitting in Netherlands or New Zealand desiring to catch up on the latest episode of your favourite American serial, during a coffee break from work. Why wait for it to be aired on cable TV, go for internet television instead.


Popularity of Internet Television

The number of cable subscribers in any cable operator company are dwindling day by day as the number of broadband subscribers are increasing. The crux is that while cable connections sell content, broadband customers are looking purely for access speeds. The story is not so bleak for the cable companies and cable operators will stay. They make most of their profits from the exorbitant margins given by sports channels and by telecasting live events. On the other hand broadband margins come in from the vast volumes of subscribers.

The viewer culture is changing. Consumers are looking for varied, unique and entertaining material. Hence they resort to internet instead of television where they get what they desire. Viewers popular choice is to stream torrents and they have deserted the conventional cable TV channels to a great extent. Applications like YouTube have amateur videos that attract them. Shows such as “House of cards” or “Orange is in the New black” have gained a lot of viewership through Cloudload, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant video. The subscribers are ready to pay the price for they want entertainment on the tips, at their convenient time and at the place of their choice. The other reason is that the viewer is interested in watching two or more episodes in go rather than waiting for the next episode to be aired on Television. This behaviour popularly is called “Binge consumption” where the viewer wants the choice of seeing the entire season of a serial, as was the case of “Arrested Development” in which the entire season was released in a go by Netflix.

The trend with the younger generation in the West, especially when they move out of their homes is to save on cable subscription. Instead they use the budget for internet access which they need all the time. Also since they practically grew up with internet it becomes a priority for their way of sustenance and relying on its services for most of their needs rather than incurring extra cost on a cable connection (popularly termed as “cord cutters”). Even some households use only Internet TV instead of Cable TV.

Stream Torrents for Internet TV

Cloudload comes in handy for you to stream torrents. It is a wholesome cloud based solution which helps you download and stream movies, audios and game files of your choice. With speeds upto 10Gbps and 24 file types supported, it has gained popularity in the viewer community. Since the storage is on your purchased private cloud, the woes of slow downloading and disk running into issues of virus attacks are completely avoided. It also has ad blockers and the need for an additional VPN is avoided since it conceals your identity.

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