How to stop your coil burning – helpful tips


If you’re interested in vaping as a way to stop smoking, then you may enjoy reading lots of helpful hints about the topic – and none are more helpful than how to avoid your coil from burning out as this can be a huge issue for vapers. There are so many E juice liquids UK wide that it can be exciting to want to start trying everything from strawberry to blonut milk however it is important that you take into account the practical side of things, too. This blog will help you to consider the ways that you can stop your coil from burning, which should improve your experience of vaping in the long term.

Don’t vape continuously

If you vape for too long at once, your coil is likely to overheat and burn. This is due to the fact that if you don’t give your e-cig the chance to have a break in between uses, it won’t be able to fill with juice again before you try to use it, and if you do this too much there is always the chance that you will cause so much damage that your coil will become completely unusable.

Turn the power down

The higher you set the power on your device, the more juice it will use every time you press the button. Although this might seem like a great thing to do if you are vaping for the effect of the clouds, it may not be quite so great if you want to keep your device in good shape. When you vape in this way, you run the risk of your device not being able to soak up enough juice before you wish to use it again, and this could mean that your coil is damaged.


Try to keep your tank full of juice

If there isn’t enough juice in your tank, then there is always the chance that you might damage your coil, as it won’t be able to soak up the amount that it needs before you use it each time. Not only could it damage your coil to let the juice run low, but the flavour won’t be as good either, which means that there are several reasons why you may want to take this tip.

Use juice with less sweetener

When you use a flavour that includes a lot of sweetener in the ingredients, you could find that this clogs up your coil, meaning that it is much less effective. There are plenty of flavours that can be used without having to rely on the flavours of sweeteners, and using these could extend the life of your coil dramatically.

Because your coil is such an important part of your device, it is clearly very important that you are able to keep it in the best state possible. Thanks to the above tips, you will be able to do this without a problem, and this means that you can look forward to enjoying the flavours that are available long into the future.

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