Stephen Dent – The Man Behind the Greatest Rap Music of All of Time

While you have probably heard the music of many great rappers like Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, P Diddy, Mase, Shyne, but you might not know who is behind the scenes making the music happen. Kind of like Metro Boomin is behind the scenes for Future’s music, Stephen Dent has been behind the music of all of these stars and most notably the Bad Boys II soundtrack, which was pretty dope I think everyone can agree. Bad boys, bad boys, whathca gonna do when they come for you? Haha Just kidding – Stephen Dent didn’t do that one. But a list is on this page here: It’s a long list – this guy definitely has had his hands in many great music tracks!


Stephen Dent is what is known as an ADT engineer as described on his Wikipedia page. ADT stands for automatic double tracking and makes rappers sound the same when they repeat the same lines – this doesn’t happen by accident and without the ADT engineers the finished product isn’t as good.

Going back to Cali? I’m going going, back back, to Cali, Cali – Stephen Dent was the engineer behind that one too. I mean this guy is great and has been around a lot of great talent in his days! What will he do next is my question?

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