A Startup’s Guide to Promotional Products

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A Startup’s Guide to Promotional Products

As a startup company, there is no doubt that marketing will be at the top of your agenda. With numerous options available to your potential customers, you must invest in techniques that will promote your business and generate leads.

It can be hard to market your business, especially when you are a new company. However, this is where promotional products can help; they are some helpful marketing tools to increase brand awareness and your business’ credibility.

Below we share what every startup business should know about promo items.

Promotional Products Are Reliable Marketing Tools

By just looking at them, promo products may look like cool items with a logo. However, they are much more than that. In fact, these marketing items are very practical for the following purpose:

  • Extended brand exposure. Unlike conventional ads, promotional products are tough to miss. A promo bag with your logo design will not just amass more interest than a newspaper advertisement; it is reusable.
  • Adds value. When a business utilizes the right promo item, they are often not discarded. Potential customers will consider these promotional products to be more like gifts than marketing tools. Flyers or advertisements do not enjoy the same value.
  • Creative form of brand awareness. While billboards, radio, and television commercial campaigns are all terrific ways to promote your startup business, they do not offer the creative options available with promotional products.
  • Affordable alternative. It goes without saying that traditional marketing methods can be costly. As a startup business, there is a need to find ways to lower expenses. Promotional products are numerous in options, and there is sure to be one or a combination of promo items to meet your budget.


The biggest mistake you can make as a new business is to delay getting promotional products. The above factors are clear indications that promo items should be a vital part of your marketing mix.

How to Use Promotional Items to Market Your Startup

Many entrepreneurs see promo products as a branded gift to give out to potential customers. But there is more to gain from these marketing items and to get the maximum exposure; a startup business must know how to use these products.

  • Brand name awareness – These products can quickly spread the word about your business, as individuals like complimentary gifts or samples and are most likely to tell their friends and family about your business.
  • Job well done – Keep in mind that your workers are worthy of rewards for all their hard work and commitment. High-quality advertising products can reinforce their commitment.
  • Say “Thank You” – While sending follow-up emails to customers is always good, sending them a high-quality promo product can be even better. A business culture of saying thanks lead to repeat business which is critical for all businesses.It is important to get your team together to prepare a detailed plan to determine the reasons for using promotional products. This plan should not only cover the ‘why’, but should also deal with the distribution of these items.

How to Distribute Your Promotional Products

Random distribution of promotional products is sure to do more harm than good. Like every other aspect of your marketing plan, the means of distribution must be direct and purposeful. A startup can distribute promo items to both existing or potential customers in a variety of ways. Each method has a specific objective that should fit within your marketing strategy.

Bulk Mailings

It is essential to bear in mind that direct-mail advertising is still one of the most reliable marketing mediums, as it puts your message straight into the hands of your customer. This type of distribution, however, requires that you understand your target audience and select the right promotional product for shipping.

Trade Shows, Expos, and Conventions

These events are a great place for a startup to generate sales and build brand awareness. If you are planning to display your goods or services at an exhibition, expo, or convention of some kind, this is the perfect chance to hand out your promotional items. This method of distribution requires creativity to ensure that your promo products are not part of the those dumbed by the participants at the end of the day.

Conferences or Meetings

Conferences are a great way to market your company, while meetings give you a possibility to speak with potential clients face-to-face. Why not hand out a customized gift? This avenue of distribution may be slower, but it guarantees that the item gets into the hand of someone who already shows interest in your business.

Unique Occasions

This might consist of a grand opening, holiday party or other celebration that your company is hosting. Hand out branded items so that you will not quickly be forgotten.

You might think that marketing your startup company with promotional products is easy, but we want to stress that it ought to take as much time and preparation as any other marketing method. Now that you understand why these products are so reliable, how they can be utilized to advertise your company, and the ways in which a business disperse them, we hope that you have a far better guide as to how to plan and execute your startup’s marketing strategy.

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