Start your Day with Coffee

A good day wants you a good start. If you are initiating your day with good things your day will be filled happiness. To collect the happiness we need to be active because without an active body we cannot work out a whole day. A professional officer administrator who has a pile of work to do in a day can take stressed of the load of work. However, the person with greater aim and with a greater courage can handle his all problems of life. Start your day with zero calories. Yes! Calories in coffee are zero. That’s strange for us because we do not have information. But now we know that it has zero calories so we can take it more than a cup.

calories in coffee

Why should we choose coffee?

Whether the coffee or tea, those who are wandering between these two and they want to get an insight of it, then they should continue to read this article and they will discover it. As, I have mentioned above that coffee has zero calories. Why should we choose it as a starter of our day? When we are going to open any company and when we take the biggest step of our life we think twice before taking the step.

However, when people start their day they do not even think how to start it. Why don’t they apply their forward and positive thinking in this? Obviously, when we take healthy things in our breakfast we will remain active throughout the day. The physicians generally recommend that the joy of healthy life lies in the breakfast so keep it healthy.

How many cups of coffee for you?

It depends upon the nature of your work. There is universal fact that the excessiveness of anything is bad. Hence, there is a classification of it for you.

For students: those students who study for long hours they need to be active while their study time period and when they feel sleepy or tired they take a cup of coffee which gives them a feeling of freshness. They can take three to four cups in a day if they are studying consistently for 10 to 12 hours. It can have a negative effect on your health, too if you take it infinite times in a day.

For professional: they are in the office from 9 to 5 and the killer time is that when we take lunch. What happens that when we take lunch our body becomes lazy and feel sleepy due to continuously work. So you need to take a cup of coffee at the time when you are done with your lunch, it will make you energetic and then you will not feel lazy tired and sleepy.

Tip: if you have a lot of work in tough days of your office life always take a cup of coffee after two hours so that, it may help you in lively working and charged you. It will not give you any calories because calories in coffee are zero we know.

Restrictions of coffee:

We know that caffeine is our body’s need but also we know that caffeine more than a certain limit is harmful to us. It’s like an addiction which slowly and gradually captures you if you increase the amount of intake. Thus, it means coffee’s intake is not free and you are restricted here too.

Normally, taking a coffee in morning and evening is fine. However, after the dinner it’s not good to have though the calories in coffee are zero yet, caffeine is not zero. Sometimes, it does not let your stomach digest your food properly.


where this coffee makes you active and sharp during your tough office times and in study hours it has side effect and restrictions as well. Hence, you must not let your body habitual of coffee. Take it when you feel that you cannot live anymore without it or when you feel dire need of it. However, it’s good to have it in the cool morning breeze.

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