StaffTimerApp: AI based Virtual Office Software makes waves

The concept of having a time tracking is not new. Many different kinds of software have been created since the internet and digital devices became a norm in the workplace. But since the human mind is so sharp, people mostly found tricks to work around the software and log incorrect hours. For example, people would pad time even if for a few minutes. Sometimes, they would turn the teamwork’s time tracker on but actually not work during that time. This kills the purpose of Employee Monitoring. But now a Virtual Office Software, that is Uber intelligent has made waves in the Corporate Sector.

Features of Virtual Office Software StaffTimerApp

StaffTimerApp has the following features that set it apart from the rest of the Time Tracking Software in the market.

Virtual Office Software

Screenshots to track time

StaffTimerApp captures screenshots at a very regular time interval. These screenshots are the basis of all the Time Tracking that is done by StaffTimerApp. The image processing and artificial intelligence has been utilised to process these screenshots and then the information extracted through them is used in tracking the time for your projects, teams and employees.

These screenshots become an evidence for all the activities of your in-house or remote employees. The user can view them from his dashboard. The screenshots can also be converted into a video for convenient viewing.

Instantly capture the screen

The screen is the platform of all the activities. And when an employer wants to track the activities of an employee, the employer should see what is going on on the screen during the work hours. This facility is provided by StaffTimerApp.

The application gives the user the option of capturing the screen shot of the employee’s screen.

Video monitoring of employee

Being a remote employer, the identity of a remote employee must be kept in check. There had been many cases where the remote employers were cheated on by the hired contractors when they outsourced the work further for profits.

To answer these reservations, the StaffTimerApp has introduced Video Monitoring for the employees. This feature uses the webcam of the employee’s laptop. And hence the employee can be seen and the identity of the hired contractor will be ensured.

Real time screen sharing

This is one of the finest features of StaffTimerApp. This is quite like the screen sharing of Skype. We all know that visual access of the screen can really solve a lot of problems. The employer can click the button and view the screen and hence the activities of the employers in real time. This way the employer will know what is going on right now, on the screen of the employee.

Other non-functional features:

  1. Compliance with GDPR
  2. No URL tracking
  3. No keystroke logging
  4. Privacy is ensured
  5. Ease of use
  6. Extensive reports and graphs


While there is a plethora of time tracking software out there, the one that in reality tracks time and serves the purpose to the fullest is rare to find— StaffTimerApp is one of them!

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