How Does Stackify Monitors Hosting Functionality Of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure primarily called the Windows Azure is its public cloud computing platform. It offers a wide series of cloud services comprising of computation, networking, analytics and storage. Users can select from these facilities to develop and set up new apps or run their present apps in the public cloud.

Azure web apps and the complete App service podium is version 2 of the real Cloud facilities. It renders solution to several negatives of the real Cloud services while intellectualizing away the fundamental servers which support the applications. Well, it simply means that the future of hosting any kind of application just depends on Azure Web Apps. Certainly, it has never been simpler to deploy an application from Visual Studio.

Azure monitoring is easy with Stackify. It has never been easier to monitor the aggregate performance, errors, logs, metrics and hosting for your app. Stackify provides you with a number of low cost hosting plans through App Service Plans. When you first commence using Azure Web Apps, you will find the whole thing a little awkward and it takes some time to acknowledge the functions. However, the power of the hosting allows you to develop a set of server sources for say 5 servers and then include as many applications as you want on those 5 servers. Then when you wish to scale up or move down, you can adjust the App service plan. It permits you to host a complete lot of small applications in a limited amount of money. This is something you cannot do well with Web Roles or AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Stackify in the whole long process manages the effectiveness of the hosting and makes way for more. The app service plans are perfect for diving up the segments like developments, testing and production. You can fit in more resources to production and include less to development. You can also transform one application from one service plan to another at any point of time. The amazing flexibility of the App Service Plans, Azure Web Apps and several deployment slots which easily makes all types of hosting conditions possible.

Better IIS configurations

Stackify helps Azure Web Apps to simplify everything related to deployment of an application. You can easily amend your application host configuration by leaving a transformation in the root of your website. With the XML transform file, you can amend almost all types of settings in Application Host Config.

  • Rules rewriting
  • Restricting the IP access to your website
  • App pool settings
  • Personalization of IIS logs

Monitor the performance of Azure with Stackify’s APM

If you’re looking for a perfect development solution to monitor the hosting and performance of your Azure applications, then make sure you check out Stackify for once. It has been serving Azure for a period of 4 years and holds the best application performance monitoring solution for .NET and Azure developers. In case, of anything related to Microsoft Azure hosting category, you can easily rely on Stackify. It is clearly one of the most reliable means, visit here to find out more.

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