Spoiled pets where to start?

yes you guessed it. Hollywood is full of the rich and famous A-lister’s splashing the cash on their furry friends.

Giggy the Pomeranian is the fur baby of Hollywood celebrity Lisa Vanderpump and loves to splash the cash on him and has the luxury of drinking his water from a Baccarat crystal drinking bowl. This is certainly living the true Hollywood lifestyle that we commoners would love to indulge in. Giggy also has a full range of designer dog clothing and also follows the trend like other celebs by having his very own Facebook page.


Mariah Carey owns a pack of Jack Russell Terrier’s however it appears JJ is the one that get the most pampering. He often travels everywhere Mariah goes and when he was denied access on board a plane, Mariah had him chauffeured in his own personal Mercedes! Now that’s what I call travelling in style.

Dannielle Campbell is Louis Tomlinson(One Direction) girlfriend and they have both been getting close in the French alps and London. Rumour has it that Louis Tomlinson has paid around the £100k mark to fly over Dannielle’s dog from Chicago to the UK to spend time with the couple and fly them both back home via private jet.

Then there was the late Norman (Jenifer Aniston’s) pooch, a Scotty dog that lived to a good old doggie age of 15 years, living on the healthiest organic foods only!

Paris Hilton is also well known in the media for spoiling her pack of pooches; Tinka Bell and friends. Paris has been known for having 17 dogs so truly has a love for our furry friends.

Paris posted a pic of her pet pad via Twitter and has expressed her and devotion to pets, saying she likes to spoil them and finds it very hard to resist buying them gifts when she looks at their cute little faces. But don’t we all feel like that?

Paris’s dogs are the proud owner of a dog mansion and not just any old dog mansion but a fully decked out one, offering a spiral case with a black chandelier and their very own gorgeous balcony. Not to mention it also has air conditioning! Yes it does seem that luxury dog beds are taking centre stage and various pet owners in the US and also in the UK are splashing the cash on various luxury dog beds from online dog boutiques.

The Queen and her Corgi’s are living a life of luxury it is reported that the chef prepares their gourmet meals for the pampered pooches.

They also travel to which ever residence the queen is residing in, however the Queen takes care of her Corgi’s as much as her very busy schedule allows her to.

So from the celebs of Hollywood to the Queen to the rest of us dog lovers, we all have one thing in common and that’s we all have a special place in our hearts for dogs.

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