Sparklers For Your Wedding Reception

The wedding is indeed the most memorable moment in anyone`s life. With many things to be considered to enhance wedding day, one is a use of sparklers. There are different kind of sparklers and many websites offering these sparklers. Along with quality and trust, a price is also a factor to be considered for economical packages. is your one-stop store for ordering sparklers for your wedding reception. It is an online store that deals in sparklers available in large selection at cheaper rates. Whether you want sky lanterns, wooden roses, simple or colored sparklers, you get all here at a single station.

Unique items offered at this store enhance wedding experience. Quality is never compromised with lower prices of these specifically packaged sparklers for the wedding that ensure the perfect fit to wedding décor or theme. Let`s have a look at some of the beautiful sparklers for your wedding reception

Sparklers For Your Wedding Reception


These sparklers make a perfect centerpiece for placing on the reception tables. Each of this heart shaped sparkle burns for 1.5 minutes. These sparkles add a touch of extra romance to your wedding reception. You can order them in the sizes you want and enhance your love.


These make the great addition to all kind of wedding celebrations. These number sparklers are special because these can be placed anywhere as per your theme. A few of these can be placed on top of wedding cake for writing out wedding date, holding pictures etc. In this way, these are most special for making memories come alive in the form of numbers. These sparklers can be utilized in different ideas. For example, you can give these to your children for symbolizing their ages. These are among the most favorite sparklers for thus year`s weddings. You get options for buying these sparkles, either individually or in sets of 0 to 9 for completing all numbers to 10.    These numbered sparkles can be added to wedding cakes, cupcakes and for writing wedding dates for memorable photos.


One of the highly appreciated sparklers for a wedding reception is neon sparklers. These add a flavor of excitement to your wedding reception. Favorite among kids these sparkles serve aesthetically. These can be creatively used for making the beautiful sparkling background for scrapbook photos, plus these can form a walkway or tunnel for a new couple. Available in various sizes, you can select a color of your choice. These sparklers for the wedding reception last for 30 to 45 seconds each.

Other sparkles that can add to the beauty of your wedding reception include;

  • Color-bottle sparkles
  • Gold-bottle sparkles
  • Sky lanterns
  • Color cake, etc

Available sizes from which you can choose your one are

  • 10 inches color sparkles
  • 10 inches simple sparkles
  • 18 inches neon sparkles
  • 20 inches sparkles, and
  • 36 inches wedding sparkles

With a variety of sparklers for wedding reception and availability of different sizes, you get the best options for all kind of wedding themes.

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