Some Smart Keyword Research Tools You Simply Cannot Do without Knowing

Keywords are supposed to be the language and currency for all digital marketers. Keywords are known to drive the specific topics of any content created by you, your PPC campaigns, and the targeted interests on the social media. The key to effective SEO is focusing on long-tail keywords. In this context, you must know that these keywords would be attracting less traffic, as compared to the generic terms but they bring in definitely more qualified traffic.

Google Keyword Planner: Google has some effective tools that make it really convenient for conducting keyword research. They offer an AdWords tool free of cost that is called the Google keyword planner. When you start inputting one keyword, Google would give you an extensive list of relevant keywords and simple metrics for gauging the aggressive competition. The best tool to use while initiating your keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool has been crafted for advertising and promotion.

However, it could be pretty effective in determining organic keywords simply by customizing your results for a competitor. Just in case, you are thinking of doing PPC and SEO together, Google Keyword Planner is the way to go as it would be assisting you in determining the better keywords for targeting organically or along with effective advertising.

SEMrush: SEMrush boasts of an effective keyword research tool which is actually driven by an extensive dataset from across 26 different nations. SEMRush results would be effectively returning keyword ideas, current ranking domains, estimated CPC, search volume, and keyword difficulty score. SEMrush is just right for carefully browsing through the competitor’s landing pages for brainstorming your content optimization. SEMRush seems to have an updated database containing more than 35 million keywords, as well as, keyword phrases that are utilized for driving traffic to websites. SEMRush stands to be an effective and accurate keyword research tool currently available to you. These tools are as effective as the Amazon Merchant Words and Keyword Product Research Tools.

Moz: Moz has recently introduced a dedicated keyword explorer just as an effective supplement to their own SEO research suite. Thanks to this, you could be choosing from almost any location across the globe for conducting your search and then filtering options. Filtering would be allowing you to take out your precise query term for getting more ideas, or even opt for merely questioning phrases that would be containing your keyword. In this context, you must understand that keyword results would be including relevant query ideas, estimated search volume, and also a keyword difficulty score. Moz also demonstrates domains presently ranking for a particular keyword and recent mentions of that keyword. This tool would be scraping the keyword suggestion ideas straightaway from YouTube, Google, and Bing etc. You would be getting numerous suggested keywords. However, you would be requiring a paid plan for accessing search volume estimations.


Now that you have got all the information regarding all these superb keyword research tools, you need to start exploring and discovering the most effective and relevant keywords for SEO. You must realize that it is necessary to use efficient keyword research tools if you want your website to retain its popularity and promote its business. You could stay well ahead of the competition provided you choose an apt keyword research tool from the above-discussed tools.

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