Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media is an instrument used for communication. Social media is at the core of human communication. It possesses characteristics of openness, participation, community, conversation and connectedness.

More people now have access to a mobile phone. As a result, many users are comfortable using social media tools on their phones.

Getting Started With Social Media

  1. The profile page. When getting signed up to a social media website one is required to provide an email address and to verify it.


  1. Privacy is an important issue at social media sites. Social media websites have got a variety of privacy settings that can be adjusted just like at casino sites. This enables one an individual to control who gets access to your profile page and other information you share.


  1. Friends are the purpose of joining the social media. These platforms make it easy to get in touch with your family and friends. Individual who are friends and can start interacting with each other immediately.


  1. Nearly all the interactions that take place on social media are safe. However, there is always a need to be conscious of safety and the information you share.

Advantages of Social Media

The big advantage of social media is the ability of users to conveniently getting in touch with friends who are far away, connect with like-minded people and exchange business contacts for free. It has also been used to increase awareness of social and political issues and organize demonstrations. Social networking takes place online where people get to meet and share ideas, recommendations and experience.


The decrease in real world, personal connections and possibilities of cyberbullying, stalking, hacking and other privacy are major concerns. Even real money gambling has some risks, all they need is to be managed, visit usa online casinos to learn more about gambling prohibition. As easy as media has made it easy to connect with people it has a few drawbacks. The major one being there is no control on social media.

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