Snovio: The perfect Email Tracking software for your business

When you are a part of an aggressive and ambitious department in your organization, you should always be up in arms and have all the necessary tools at hand. There are several outreach tools in the market, each having different functionality. However, one of the basic outreach tools that would be of immense help is Snovio which, besides, other tools, offers users Email Tracker extension.

For people in the marketing, sales, or recruiting teams, monitoring the status of emails is as important as writing them or maintaining a database of prospects. A robust, cost-effective, and efficient email tracking tool is an absolute necessity in any field.

Snovio email tracker would help you analyze several key indicators that will ultimately help you build an overall strong structure. The software works as a Google Chrome extension, which means that you would not have to download it. It also works on multiple Gmail accounts, meaning you can switch seamlessly between both company accounts and personal ones.

The Importance of an Email Tracker for your business

Being one step ahead of the competition is always a good thing; being heads and shoulders above, your competition in terms of analyzing, projecting, calculating, and forecasting would help your company grow exponentially.

Real-time email tracking is a real savior for marketing and salespeople! With Snovio Email Tracker you would be able to find who has opened your email, replied to it, and clicked the links within the email.

The intention behind working with an email tracking software is to understand how well the emails that you send out perform. If you already know that many of the recipients do not open your emails, you might need to work on your Subject Line. If people open the emails but are not engaged with a link, seems you need to revise your template or communication.

Snovio: An easy-to-use, powerful, and free Email Tracking tool

We tried using Snovio for our internal as well as external operations within the company. We wanted to test whether it is the easiest email tracker to use in the market, so we asked our Front Office Executive to use the tool.

Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised at things, and this is quite a rarity. Within a week, she has been sending emails with regard to employees within the organization, following up the clients, and vendors saw a radical improvement. Snovio had really helped her maximize the potential of her work.

Snovio Email Tracker helps in monitoring leads, finding the status of emails that were sent, and most importantly, no one will ever be able to find out whether you use an email tracker or not. As compared to other email tracking products in the market, Snovio does not add any signatures or logos to the messages you send out to people.

Most of the good email tracking software products in the market work on a subscription model: monthly, quarterly, or annually. Some of them even have packages (a set for features for the definite price).

However, when it comes to how much Snovio email tracking tool will burn in your purse, we will say nothing! All the features of the email tracker are unlimited and all of them are free of cost.

The final word

Snovio as an innovation center has carved its own niche in the market with its extensive range of outreach tools that are not only powerful and easy-to-use but also cost-effective and affordable.

Snovio email tracking software has practically everything one might need: features, ease of use, cost, and seamless Gmail shifts. Given what a brilliant performer Snovio turned out to be, we would request you to give it a shot and see how monumentally you can alter your business capabilities.

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