SMS API and Bulk SMS

Now a day`s every one of us use our computers and mobile phones regularly. have you ever noticed how your computer programs and websites you visit connect to each other? if not, then today I m going to give you a brief idea about this weird and wonderful interaction which is called SMS API`s or Application Programming Interfaces.


What is an API?

You must have listened about the phrase API in the field of information technology or computer-science. But do you know what does it mean? well, it refers to a tool, or library, that aids software developers in writing code that integrate with other software. In other words, it describes a method in which a computer program connects with another computer program. Any type of application which has been connected to internet can be used to send a message. it also allows you to receive your messages reliably and securely and also to see the delivery status of your sent messages.

API`s in Business:

Many large technology firms allows the use of their service by third parties and competitors. this is the reason why a competitor would release an API and then allows everyone to use it. now a day`s we see how third parties have improved these services with their own code. API`s allows users to produce to produce different applications for existing mobile and desktop computing platforms. API`s also permit users and different companies to change an existing product to serve their own interests.

Benefits of API`s:

some of the advantages of API`s are given below:

  • providing API access allows for content to be created once and automatically published.
  • API`s allows the machine to handle the workload.
  • providing API access to information helps the use of that information mobile apps.
  • the user of your website benefit from the ability to personalize session with information
  • API`s helps to support un-anticipated future uses.

Some Popular Examples of API`s:

followings are some popular examples of API`s:

  • YouTube API“s
  • Google Maps API`s
  • Twitter API`s
  • Amazon Product Advertising API
  • Flicker API`s

The Rise of the API:

although API seems dull but it`s quite obvious that API has brought a drastic change when it comes to the use of internet. they have brought an unprecedented range of choice when it comes to the how you use the internet.

Importance of API`s

although API`s are really important but their most important role is in business.

  • businesses create apps with API`s
  • businesses rely on open API`s
  • API`s are important for business because they allow programmers to build new and amazing tools that help them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

When API`s go bad:

it`s not necessary that if your API is available now, it will surely be available always. companies can shut down services and API`s that your applications depend on. BulkSMS is the bet way to write different and beautiful sms. when companies does not see any profit in their services or if they are going out of business, they shut down their services and leaves you in the lurch if your application depends on those API`s to function.

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