Smoke Alarms – The Live Saver

Do you know that fire alarms save many lives daily? Fire alarms are specifically designed to detect smoke and emit a loud sound to alert occupants in cases of fire emergency. This is the main reason why you should increase awareness in your community about the benefits of smoke alarms. These alarms are inexpensive and are worth the lives they can save. You should consider choosing smoke alarms that communicate with each other in such a way that when one alarm sounds, all alarms will sound. If you are not sure about the best place to install smoke alarms in your home, it is recommended to check manufactures instructions. A smoke alarm will only work when it is regularly tested and properly installed. If the smoke alarm sounds when you are cooking, you should wave a towel to clear the air, open a door and press the hush button or move the entire alarm away from the kitchen.

crossfire alarm demo

Smoke alarms can warn you of an emergency of fire when you are busy or asleep. These alarms will provide you with lifesaving warnings in such a way that you will get enough time to get out of the house before fire goes out of control. Smoke alarms are well known as smoke detectors. They work by checking traces of smoke particles and gasses produced by fire. In many homestead, a single smoke alarm is not enough. Recent research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association proved that installing a smoke alarm in each floor in your home will reduce 70% cases of death caused by fire.

Like any electronic device, you must maintain a smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are considered as the most delicate electronic devices. The following are steps on how you should test a smoke alarm.

  1. If your smoke alarm sounds, the alarm is functioning well
  2. If the alarm is not working after battery replacement, the alarm is detective.
  3. If the alarm does not sound, you should consider replacing the battery and test again

You can see the functioning of the smoke alarm at crossfire alarm demo.

Cleaning smoke alarm is very essential. If the vents are clogged with dust, there is a high probability that it will not work. In this case, you should consider following manufactures directions for cleaning smoke alarms. All smoke alarms have two parts, electronic horn to warn people and a sensor to sense smoke. The battery life of an alarm will depend on the environment where it is installed. In order to ensure smoke alarms are in proper working conditions, you should consider replacing them after every 10 years. Ionisation smoke alarms normally meet performance requirements and sensitivity. However, many professionals believe that these smoke alarms provide insufficient protection in cases of residential fires since they are prone to provide a false alarm which is the reason why many home owners replace the batteries.

The following are advantages of photoelectric smoke alarms. They are as follows:

  • They are good for smoldering smoke and fire
  • They are not prone to cooking nuisance
  • They are suitable for general use

They don’t have radioactive material

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