Why Skokie Employers Should Review their Workplace Policies on Alcohol

Much needs to be done by residents of every town everywhere in the nation to try and stop the increases in drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and addiction that have been spreading across the nation like a scourge.  The truth is, the nation is undergoing a major drug addiction and substance abuse nightmare the likes of which have never actually been experienced before, and the truth also is that unless something is done very soon to rectify or change it, it is very likely that the issue will grow to be one that not even the best or Americans can confront effectively.  This is why it is of the utmost importance that stricter drug and alcohol prevention policies are followed and enforced in places like Skokie, Naperville, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, and all across the greater Chicago area for that matter.

Enforcing drug and alcohol policies can actually, literally drive employers to drink.  A very interesting research project came out once that showed that, amongst companies that tended to be more strict when it came to drug and alcohol abuse, it was found that more employees tended to abuse drugs and alcohol in those companies.  On the other hand though, companies that often tend to have smoother and less imposing rules on drug and alcohol abuse tend to have fewer problems with this.  So of course it is not a matter of strict, enforcing, cruel policies that make the beneficial situation of a substance abuse-free work place, it is a matter of finding a good middle ground where all can be happy while still getting the job done at work without letting drugs or alcohol into the environment.

In Illinois for example, most employers are allowed to tailor drug and alcohol policies to fit the needs of their workplace, as it happens to be.  However, employers routinely implement standard policies that employees do not understand and supervisors do not consistently and accurately enforce on a regular basis.  This is what needs to change, not the severity of the policies themselves. What they can do for the employees who are using alcohol and drugs in the workplace they can temporarily refer them to a drug rehab referral service where they can see what would be best for the individual to top abusing drugs at the workplace and live a sober life instead.

Another thing that needs to change in the city of Illinois is to start promoting helpful sources to prevent further drug and alcohol addiction problems and consequences with a drug rehabilitation Skokie in place. Even having certain programs or presentations from the drug rehab Skokie would make a huge difference in the community; many individuals don’t understand the effects of drug abuse and this would be a helpful measure to prevent any overdoses or deaths from furthermore occurring,

Employees and Substance Abuse

Under most company’s drug and alcohol policy, an employee who shows some kind of sign or signs of impairment or intoxication and tests positive during a breathalyzer test is considered to be under the influence at the time that the test was done.  The definition of “under the influence” explains that impairment means a mental, emotional, sensory, or physical impairment caused by the use of alcohol or drugs or some other kind of substance that would cause such a physiological and psychological state to occur.  Notably, the board’s definition of “impairment” does not include the smell of alcohol, just the actual proof of it being in the person’s body.

Drug and alcohol policies play an important role in the workplace; this is without a doubt the truth.  Skokie is a city that is already heavily affected by this, and it should be noted that these policies should be continued.  They define what is and is not allowed regarding drug and alcohol use.  However, employers must actually draft policies that reflect their goals regarding alcohol and drug use.  Then, they must train their supervisors so they understand what the policies actually mean.  If this is all done correctly and is actually followed, then substance abuse by employees will cease to be such a serious issue in Skokie and in the surrounding areas too.

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