Skin Care Made Easy by Your Online Chemist

There are many products on the market that promise to keep you looking younger, clear your skin to perfection, or plump up those luscious lips for the perfect designer look. Many women don’t really know what skin care products really work and which ones is simply a gimmick to get ahold of your hard earned money. With the price of a lipsticks available from your online chemist ranging from as low as $1 to some that run over $50, how are you to know whether the price difference is measured in product and ingredient quality. Try using these tips and tricks to ensure you get more bang for your buck.

  • Read online reviews of the products you might be interested in. Keep and open mind as you may find a new brand mentioned frequently with extreme positivity that is a must try.
  • Read the ingredients list and watch out for known toxic chemicals. Many cosmetics are still using questionable ingredients that you might not want to have on your skin. Your skin is a tremendous organ used for detoxification of the body, and it is very capable of absorbing toxic ingredients it comes into contact with.
  • If you are worried about the environment or animal welfare, you can easily research the company practices and seek out only those that fit your particular concerns. In many cases these products are already made from more naturally sourced ingredients, this grouping of concerns typically goes hand in hand with concern for personal well being as well.
  • Know your budget and seek out products that are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, usually a really good product can be found somewhere in the middle.
  • Pay attention to the smell and feel of products since you are more likely to actually use them if you find them pleasant, even enjoyable to use. Many people are sensitive to products with too much fragrance or extremely intense essential oil fragrances.


Many of us have way too many products in our medicine cabinets, and we only use a few of them. You can get a single product line from your online chemist or pharmacy or you can easily select individual products. The typical skin care line really only needs a cleanser and a moisturizer. Some have day and night moisturizers and add a toner into the mix. When you start getting into more and more products such as eye creams, and lip conditioners, these are typically the more expensive product lines. Ask yourself whether you have the time; energy and motivation to even keep up with all of these steps. If the products are sitting in your cabinet they are not giving you any benefits at all. Even worse is when you use them religiously and they simply don’t live up the their promises. This is where those online reviews come into play. Ask your friends and family as well what products they use and truly enjoy. You can look your best without breaking the bank.


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