What Skills Are Required to be a Lawyer?

Being a lawyer is something that is often over-glamorized on television, we regularly see these fast-talking lawyers depicted by enigmatic characters on screen that don’t give a true representation of just how tough being a lawyer can be. Such is the way of television, many want to grow up to become a lawyer and there is nothing wrong with that but it is important to remember that it takes a lot more than a stylish suit and a quick witted nature. If you have the skills and you’re prepared to study hard then you can replicate the career of people like Jon Bunge, attorney at law and one of Chicago’s best lawyers. In order to become a great lawyer, here are some of the skills that you are going to need.


Persuasive Arguments

The essence of being a lawyer is to convince a jury that your case is the right one for them to back, it is your sole job to present an argument that is persuasive enough to bend the jury in your direction and make them agree with what you are saying. In order to be a great lawyer you need to be able to display this skill. Whilst you can work on this skill, many of the best lawyers already have it from an early age, the ability to look at all sides of an argument and mount their side of it with enough conviction that others agree.

Hard Working

Many professions require hard work but being a lawyer is one of the hardest working professions out there. Not only will your education through law school be incredibly hard work, the job itself will consume you and your time. Working on a case requires hours of planning, studying and time in court. If you truly want to succeed as a lawyer then you need to be dedicated and committed to each and every case.

Great Reading Skills

One of the most time consuming parts of being a lawyer is the amount of reading that they have to do. Lawyers don’t just need to know their own case inside out but also historical cases that could play a key role in the current case that they are working on. You need to be a great reader to be  lawyer and have the ability to absorb huge pieces of information from books and case files in a short space of time.

Be Able to Work in a Team

Despite what is shown on TV, lawyers are part of a huge team of people who study the case and each play a role in constructing arguments and analyzing information. Throughout your career you will have to play different roles in a team setting whether it be the leader, the workhorse or the researcher and it is important that both your people skills and teamwork skills are excellent. No case is won by a single lawyer alone and you need to be prepared to work as a group to achieve results.

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