Simple tragus studs

Jewelry is the basic and important thing for ladies, women, and girls. Because without jewels they are nothing and we know that a girl/woman/lady become attractive after wearing jewels and become in the sight of people or family circle. Otherwise, she, women, girls look ugly, without jewelry there is no attraction in them, and that’s why no one sees them. Girls or women are nicer than jewelry. In the sense of kidding with women, this would be amazing that jewelry simple tragus studs is the key to looking amazing, attractive, very cute as possible. Some girls also look cute without any decoration, artificial beauty etc. but they beauty is the dreams of every girl in order to look cute at the front of her husband, feonsy, in the family circle, or may be in front of the boy friend, and even in front of society.


There are so many items and kinds in jewelry which are likely towards every girl or woman. Every item in jewels has equal importance by woman. Many items or goods in jewelry are characterized with heavy weight, which some women likes and some women dislikes due to its heavy weight, irresponsible  to its beauty. And heavy weight jewelry are much expensive due to lot work which jeweler has done on it with a large amount of gold or silver or if any. The other items which are light weight are liked heavily by women. Because these are not so expensive (for middle class may be), they can easily attain this and wear this without any difficulty (due to its light weight) and these have also abounded with a lot of beauty.

Here, the important thing is designs, which are most important for women, actually, they wear designs according to the rituals or categoria od these rituals like marriage, religion event, family event, or while going for visiting like the picnic.

After describing about jewelry, its items, its designs. We discuss about simple tragus studs. This the type of jewelry which women wear after piercing their ear and nose. This look like unthoughtfully amazing, when someone (girls, woman) wear this. Without piercing these tragus studs are aucks for ladies. In other words, they have no value in front of those ladies who did not pierce their ear o nose. This is an important item in the jewelry which ladies wear with the passion to look most beautiful. But the pain getting pierced, that’s sometime, some ladies afraid of oi, but further they get the pierced. In piercing, or in order to wear tragus studs, it takes semi bone-y part, instead of just through fleshy parts.

Simple tragus studs are of different kinds, shapes, and designs, which look pretty as much as possible. Inner and outer ear designs are available. For what to wear, it takes semi bone-y part in piercing, as I discussed above, many ladies are afraid of it. But if any lady pierced, then she would be ready to look pretty by wearing these simple tragus studs.

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