Simple But Helpful Fashion Tips for Big & Tall Men

Your height may have given you a slot in your high school basketball team. It may have also helped you with the girls back in college. But admit it, being tall is not always good. Aside from having trouble driving cars, you will likely be facing a lot of fashion challenges. It’s hard to look for pants and shirts that fit, and most shoes are likely too small for you.

You may have been making the rounds in big & tall men’s stores, but are still unable to find the right combination of clothes. Or maybe your partner thinks your clothes aren’t fashionable enough.

Here are some tips that should come in handy when shopping for clothes:bow-tie-businessman-fashion-man

  1. Avoid baggy clothes

If no one has told you yet about baggy clothes, then news flash—oversized clothing isn’t really flattering for the big guys. It’s because the extra fabric of baggy clothing can make other people focus on your body, which isn’t exactly what you want.

  1. Wear a jacket if you’re tall and thin

The jacket is one article of clothing that should be in your closet if you’re tall and thin. It can add a sense of horizontality to your outfit by outlining your shoulders, and structuring your body’s height.

  1. Choose your shirts and jumpers well

If you like to wear t-shirts and jumpers, you should go for those with horizontal stripes. This adds a sense of horizontality by visibly enlarging your chest.

If you prefer casual shirts, simple shirts with chest pockets can thicken the torso and make you look more muscular.

  1. Avoid horizontal lines if you’re on the heavy side

While horizontal lines are great for guys who are tall and thin, these aren’t really recommended for men who are tall and portly. If you have a waist that is larger than your chest, you should stay away from broad horizontal lines. Instead, you can opt for small horizontal touches and checkered patterns.

  1. Wear a big watch

Since big guys have large wrists, then you ought to wear a substantial watch as well. But be cautious in choosing a big watch. The rule of thumb is that the watch should not be too big for others to tell what time it is on your wrist.

  1. Go for jeans with minimal details

Jeans look good on big guys especially if the thread matches the color of the denim. Moreover, choose jeans with minimal details as it can give you a more formal look.

  1. Slim or straight pants only

The best cut for tall guys is straight or slim.  Avoid wearing skinny jeans or pants because it can make your legs appear longer. It can also make your legs look imbalanced with the upper body.

By following these fashion tips, you can look your best the next time you dress up for an event.

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