Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Everyone knows the beauty and happiness that pregnancy brings to not only the mother but to the entire family. Yet there are somethings to which there is no going around to. The side-effects of pregnancy might prove to be overwhelming if you aren’t already familiar with them. So let’s take some time out and learn about some of the most common side-effects that you will be experiencing during your pregnancy!


  1. The first thing that every pregnant woman has reported is constant nausea. As the real cause of this untimely nausea is unclear, there is now way of knowing when it will end. For most women it lasts for 14-16 weeks but some even feel nausea till the very event of child birth.
  2. During pregnancy you will also find yourself increasingly going to the bathroom to pee. This is a simple reaction to the pregnancy which is caused by hormonal changes in your body combined with the increase size of your uterus, hence causing increased urination. It is most likely that this will last till the end of the pregnancy period and hence is something worth remembering!
  3. You will also be passing much more gas now which is caused with the high levels of progesterone in your body. This directly leads up to making nasty things, like passing gas and burping, a common occurrence.
  4. Some women also report swollen and tender gums during pregnancy which would often bleed when one floss or brushes. The gums are more prone to bacterial infections and hence give a gruesome outcome altogether that you most certainly won’t like. The only bright side is that only half the pregnant women report this issue so hope for the best!
  5. Constipation, on the other hand, effects many pregnant women and is among the most negative side effects of pregnancy. The root cause is again the increased size of the uterus and the offset of the hormonal balance.
  6. Excessive salivation could also occur when you are pregnant. The level of its effects are vary from women to women but the end result is the same.
  7. A rather simple yet equally annoying problem is the constant itching that you are going to get. Characterized by the stretching of your skin for the constantly growing belly and breasts, the itchiness may also serve as a prominent indicator of your being pregnant.
  8. Nosebleeds would become a more probable outcome when the situation calls for it. This is due to the increased pressure that blood supply puts on the delicate vessels, making it easier and more probable for them to rapture.
  9. Yeast infection could also be increase during your pregnancy and could even grow at a much faster rate than it would normally due to the very changes your body is going through during pregnancy.

All these factors might make you want to have second thoughts about the entire pregnancy plan but just know that whatever happens, the beauty of birth and giving life has no replacement and all these feelings and problems are only temporary and easily manageable.

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