Shopping for Mattresses: What You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter if you are buying straight from your neighborhood retail store or your favorite shopping website for your next mattress; there are essential things that you need to know.

There was this one time in the office where I had three meetings penciled down that day and my back was killing me. The constant shifting of one meeting room to another and taking all the stress that day wasn’t really helping out with the back issue. It wasn’t the first time this happened to me within that period and noticed that my mattress was starting to sag and looked deformed. That moment was the time that I decided to pen down a few things that I need to do in order to shop for the best mattress that I need. It wasn’t something that I can just easily get by walking into a shop and going home with one mattress. It was something that I need to read about to get not only the best deal but to get something that will help me with my sleep.

The notes that I wrote that day will be the article that I will be writing and sharing with you guys today.

The online trap: Do they actually help?

I was born at the time where analog technology was there when I was a kid and grew up to be a teenager when the internet was invented. Compared to the internet when it was young, it is an entirely different place today! We can literally find and buy anything on the internet today by cutting regular channels that we used to go through in order to purchase something from a retail store. But does the internet help in buying a new mattress? Do websites actually help?

The title of the note that I wrote was “Things that need to be checked before getting a new mattress” or somewhere between those lines. The first thing that came to my head was the internet. What bothers me about the internet is that yes, you will easily find what you are looking for with just a few simple keystrokes and log out with a mattress being delivered on your way; but is it really that easy? What we need to put in mind is that on the internet, anyone can be who they want to be. If a website has a thousand “customers” saying good things about their products and services, you should be alarmed. Even how perfect we want to see the internet, there are online websites that are just complete and flat out scams.

I am not here today to mention websites in bad faith but please do stay away from deals that are too good to be true as they are always are. Do websites actually help? They really do, if you know how to look for the information you need. What I did was checked out a few mattresses on eBay and Amazon to get an idea of how much a decent mattress would cost today. After I listed the mattresses that I thought was in my price range, I listed their brands and started looking over at their official websites and tried to compare prices. Some of the websites provided cheaper alternatives but the third party websites had more discounts and were more convenient. Did it help? Of course, it did! Going over a couple of websites comparing prices and mattress information provided me enough background to feel confident to know what I wanted.

Staying Away From Retail Stores

There are a lot of “guides” circulating on the internet today saying to stay away from retail stores and at the same time promoting their very own online website. That’s pretty much a biased review and is an obvious market-jerker. I strongly suggest going and visiting the nearest mattress dealer or department store near you. What’s amazing about retail stores is that they are a dying breed due to the demand and internet usage where people buy their stuff today. Chances are that you will get great deals if you walk into any of the retail stores near you; plus, you get a chance to actually feel the mattress that you want to buy.

Educate Yourself with Materials

There’s nothing wrong with knowing the details of what you want to sleep in for the next decade. Educating yourself when it comes to general mattress materials will not only help you decide but will help you understand why some mattresses cost a fortune! For example, before I started the notes that helped me find the mattress I bought, I didn’t know that there were two types of Latex mattress methods. I thought that you only had one choice and that was Latex. Little did I know that there were two major methods used to create latex mattresses and this was Talalay and Dunlop.

These processes had different production processes which resulted in drastically different price ranges. We’ve got Dunlop that has been practiced for a few decades now which are still being practiced today due to its qualities. What I didn’t know before is that Dunlop latex mattresses were on the firmer side and was best if you wanted something that was firm but manageable at the same time. The process involved while pouring the rubber into molds was the factor and the process after it made Dunlop mattresses what they are.

On the other hand, we’ve got Talalay a much pricier option than Dunlop but still but with a different approach on the decades-technique that Dunlop uses. With Talalay, after pouring into mattress molds it is then vacuumed out for excess air and frozen to avoid clumping of sediments which creates a softer latex mattress compared to Dunlop. I had a back problem due to my aging mattress, which was immediately answered once I knew more about mattresses and how they are specifically made for different types of needs. I also delved into the latex mattress manufacturers to know firsthand about the product.

Reviews “R De Wae”

Remember that we’ve talked about reading about mattresses online? Going into forums or reading through comments about a product in third-party websites provides you an indirect insight on what you are planning to purchase. This enables buyers to actually help them decide to purchase what they think is good for them without having to personally see or touch the product. Reading about reviews is simply the way to open up questions that you didn’t even ask yourself about. In addition, reviews will also help you out when it comes to deciding if the mattresses you listed are actually worth your money and time to invest in or not.

Finalizing the List

At this moment I had already finalized the top three options that I was going to purchase. The main factors were Comfort, Availability, and Price. I was ready to shell out up to a thousand dollars just to get the best mattress in the market but it didn’t reach that point. What was awesome is that I was having a good problem that time. I had choices that came from the internet and I had one that was just a few blocks away from me sold in a mattress store inside a mall. Yes, it was pricier but I didn’t have to wait for it to be delivered and I knew at that very moment that I will be paying for what I actually saw and felt.

I ended up buying the one from the shop but was not fully satisfied with the other two options I had really good reviews on the internet. I’m pretty sure that if any of my kid’s beds had any problems in the future I would go for the ones that I would have wanted from the internet since they were all inside my personal preference.


Looking for a replacement mattress is never that easy since you will be literally changing something that has been a part of your life for a decade or more. Good mattresses last this long and changing it becomes a challenge for a lot of us. But if you had an issue just like I did, purchasing one with the proper process in doing so gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment by the end of the day. I really hope that this article will help you guys find the best mattress!

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