What Is Shop Shelving/Shop Retailing?

  • Definition:-

Shop shelving or Retail shelving can be defined as shelves and racks used in shops, markets, and malls to display products in those particular shops. Shop shelving is different all over the world and varies from place to place according to social requirements. Shop shelving plays a main and important role in shop decoration, attraction, and organisation. People are attracted toward shops by the arrangement of products on the shelves. The Shop Shelving requirements of shopkeepers is fulfilled in different ways, some of them are discussed here:-

  • Wall Shelving:-

It is almost always present in shops but it differs in style and function. Wall shelving needs to be strong and long-lasting so that it will be useful for the retailer for a long time. Wall shelving in a grocery shop will be different than the wall shelving in a clothing shop because clothes need to be arranged in a specific order so the buyer may see all the styles and all the sizes available, but in a grocery shop the shopkeeper will arrange items in a particular way which makes it easy for the customer to find what they require and also to hold stock.  So wall shelving requirements vary greatly from one shop to another. It is a very popular type of Shop Shelving.

  • Corner Racks:-

This type of shelving uses the shelves to fill up the corner of a shop. It is beneficial in a way that it covers two walls and joins the wall shelving together. The corner retail space is often wasted or boxed off and that’s why corner shelving enables efficient and effective display. It is also advantageous because we can display large products that will not fit easily on the standard shop shelves.


  • Racks with Plastic Risers:-

This is a type of retail shelving which can be used for great retail displays. It contains plastic dividers and toothed shelf risers so that many different items can be arranged separately on the same shelf. It may be used on two-sided gondola shelving or single-sided wall shelving. It is very useful in order to arrange things properly such as confectionary or loose items such as in a plumbers merchants.


  • Selling company:-

The most popular company known for this purpose is South West Shopfittings (SWSF) in the UK. This company is famous not only for its quality but also for its caring attitude toward its customers. They supply a large variety of racks and shelves to buyers. Their quality has no comparison. They deal with their customers in a very helpful and efficient manner and they have outstanding feedback from their customers.


  • Other Varieties of Racks:-

There are a large number of styles in racking and shelving. Large display racks are also very useful in shops because they contain different portions and divisions in which we can put a large variety of things. They also create an attractive display for customers who are therefore encouraged to purchase the products present on show. Some shop racks can be customised by selecting specific components and accessories, the arrangement of the components make the racking suitable for specific products in the space available. Some racks are made of chrome wire mesh to allow air and light to circulate around the products on display. Such shelves are available in many sizes and in this way, we can fit the maximum shelving area into any space. So shop shelving plays a vital role in any retail store.

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