Shearling Coats and everything that you need to know about them

With the fall and winter season upon us, it goes without saying that we need to start equipping or cold weather wardrobe. From thicker jeans and warm sweaters and shirts to proper coats and jackets, you need to get the right clothing in order to be comfy and warm throughout the freezing winter season that follows.

Of course, winter and fall are also seasons to show off your brand new black shearling coat. This is something that’s going to get the envy of your friends or your colleagues as they are particularly exquisite and good looking. What is more, their overly natural appeal attributes to the elegant yet rather casual outlook that they are going to bring.


However, it’s also worth pointing out the process through which the fabric is going to go in order to get that finished appeal and to become the beautiful shearling coat that you love so much. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how these coats are made as well as some of the specifications that surround them. Maybe this way you are going to understand why a piece of attire of the kind can easily cost as much as $5000, provided it’s entirely genuine and entirely made out of natural sheepskin.

How it’s made?

Shearling coats are not exactly easy to make. In order to get a coat of the kind designed and tailored to perfection, the manufacturer is going to take a fully grown sheep, regardless of whether it’s male or female and remove its hide. This particular process is known as skinning. The wool is, however, left on the hide, and this is the entire piece which is going to create the so called and very well-known sheepskin. The wool itself is going to get cut to a shorter level and bleached right afterwards in order to get white and nice. The hide itself is going to get tanned and it’s processed until it becomes rather soft upon sensation. The hide is going to get dyed so that the customer can be provided with an abundance of colors to choose from.

The Specifications

The most specific thing about the shearling coat is the fact that it’s going to be entirely made out of leather on one of the sides and out of wool on the other side. Usually the interior is made out of wool. This is designated to keep you particularly warm throughout the colder winter and late fall days. The main trick hides behind the fact that leather doesn’t allow access to colder wind so once you button or sip the coat you can rest assured that it’s going to keep you more than just warm.

However, you should also keep in mind that a shearling coat can be found in quite a lot of different cuts. The most regular one is going to use up to 3 hides, provided it is full length. Of course, you can choose different lengths of the jacket, including waist length, hip length as well as ¾ lengths.

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