Shaving in Old days

Shaving is a very old ritual and always has been key in male hygiene. It’s probably part of neat to which men spend more time. The procedure for shaving can pass through the use of various techniques and tools.

The most common form, old and we all know the shaving process is performed by applying the foam and the subsequent parade of the knife very carefully for facial hair. This technique is still a widely used technique, but with frequent aesthetic innovation, tools that can be used in this process have expanded shaving. Know more about the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor on It is a nice source of honest review on Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor.


 Dry Shaving

 You can also use the most practical and rapid techniques that do not require application of products before making the shaving process, better known as techniques dry shaving.

Dry shaving is what is done with an electric shaver. Its main advantages are that only one instrument is needed: the shaver itself, they are very fast and usually do not require wet the face. However, are less shaving closed and, as with winches, require periodic replacement of blades?

If you require a shave rather than a shaven, ie a hurry, the most effective tool is the knife or blade. These two tools are different but both get the same effect, a smooth, hair free skin.

Other tools you should be aware of, and are part of the shaving process even if not used during the making of it are: the brush to apply the foam or shaving gel, stone or leather to sharpen the razor.

This will be used only in cases that have placed more pressure due or when to make improper movement you have cut. In these cases you should use salt stone because this is responsible for cutting small hemorrhages that may have occurred.

What kind of blade for you?

We are still looking for the perfect shave to look more handsome than ever. Now it’s the turn of the types of blades, an everyday element that some resists them a little. And it is not so easy to choose the most appropriate for each face. Do you want to enlighten a little?

Cutting tools for shaving are multiple, so you have to choose carefully depending on skin type, the ability and the needs of every man. Maybe your guy is always cuts or irritated skin takes and does not understand very well why despite using his knife “always”. It may that be the problem! We will show the types of blades in the market for you to help him in his task of getting the rush and safe shave.

Traditional knife. Very few men dare with this system because you have an exceptional pulse. It is also very important to keep good sharp blade (does anyone know where there sharpeners today?) And perfectly clean. Only a few barbers or in some supercomputing centers exclusive male cosmetics are still used, but in general, is a tool increasingly obsolete between individuals.


This is the preferred by more men today system. It offers a perfect shave and are especially useful even to those who do not have a beard. And, incredible as it may seem, it is the latter more difficult to shave. The blades require the use of a gel, cream or lubricant to soften the hair and not produce skin cuts. The blades can be disposable or non – disposable. Actually, the difference between them is in the handle. The first are used once and discarded as is, with the handle and all. Non – disposable not mean you have to use a lifetime, but when the blade we substitute for another by changing the head, but keeping the handle is spent.

These, disposable or not, based razors effective in the number of leaves having, offering more or less hurry. They usually have 2 to 5, although many men say from 3 no longer much difference is noticeable, and even excessive irritates their skin but hurries them more.

When changing the blades?

Disposable, of course, are throwaway, a single shaving and trash. Non – disposable usually last four or five uses, but notice that are worn when they stop cutting hair properly and, instead, produce cuts in the skin. There are some extremely useful in the market that warn the user when to change them , for example, the signature Gillette incorporated in the head a green band that softens and aloe vera also is spent. When completely white means you should we change the head.

Electric clippers

They are the newest on the market and those that are more fashionable for your convenience. They may not require the use of gels or creams, they are used directly on the beard and cut hair without causing cracks in the skin. Some even be used under the shower. They are ideal when you have a relatively long beard, one to which almost all types of knives could not access; also it works very well with bushy beards. Yes, the rush is not as perfect as that of the blade because the cut is superficial.

For many men, this is a routine and haste do not pay discomfort ateción the damage they can do to the skin. Shaving is the King of male care and deserves some attention and dedication to do it properly and make it a pleasant beauty treatment.

With a blade, electric razor or knife?

The first thing to consider is the tool that we will use as each has its own technique and reports different finishes.

The most popular: razor blades.

The razor is the most popular tool shaving. Today, manufacturers have developed powerful tools that are designed for a perfect shave and include facials and sliding bars to simplify the whole process and deliver results in record time.

Dry shave: electroporator

It is a favorite of those who have sensitive skin. It is not as effective as razor blades or dry skin and requires for proper operation. It is not recommended for curly beards type, and if you have a strong hair, it is advisable to use the Rotary heads, which provide a light and gently massage the skin and muscles, to facilitate the smooth shave. For thin beard, it is advisable to use razors blades, as they are more manageable and delicate.

Shaving tips

Let your skin wake. If you shave first thing, your skin is still swollen and sleepy. Date 10 minutes while you eat breakfast and you’ll have the skin ready for a shave.

Correct pre – cleaning. First clean your skin with soap and cold water, which helps to activate it. If you wash with hot water and excessively dry skin will Facility irritation and small cuts.


Give your skin a few days off. It is not advisable to shave every day, even if you have no choice, you can devote to Samana to rest your skin and take to a ritual of hydration and facial care.

Use good products. Knowing your skin type is essential to find the most appropriate products. Today the variety of the range provides a more effective care, without spending too much.

Check the status of your blades. If you shave every day, it is advisable to change the head once a week, especially if you have ahard beard. Essential to prevent redness, cuts and skin irritation.

Unhurried. The rush is bad companions also shaving. Do not use long strokes, go slowly and taking care of your skin with each pass.

Paintbrush and circular massage. One of the tools to consider is the shaving brush. It is very useful and helps the soap or shaving cream penetrate in the pores, in addition, to massage the hair before passing the blade. If you use creams or gels directly, always apply a circular finger massage to facilitate absorption.

Skin hydration.The most aftershave that you will find on the market contains a high rate of alcohol, which dries your skin, affects its natural protective barrier and can cause irritation. Replace them with a good moisturizer that restores the protective barrier of your skin, or aloe vera gel, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will help soothe and moisturize the skin and reduce irritation turn.

Learn to shave

It is essential to know the correct technique for a shave and avoid hassles later.

Do not squeeze. Let the blades do their work. Slides without pressing the knife against the skin. Contrary to what is said, pressing the skin does not get better in a hurry and the only thing that can cause irritation of the area.

Never against the grain. If you start your shave against the grain, you get irritate your skin and do not improve shaving. Instead, slide the blade gently in the direction of the hairline and applying short and smooth strokes. You can help by tightening the skin with your fingers. Booking against the grain past only if necessary and only in the last second.

Leave mustache to the end. The hair on the lip is it is of greater hardness and resistance. For this we should leave that area by the end of shaving leaving it to soak and soften cream shaving.

Refresh your skin. Once finished, it is advisable to rinse your skin with cold water to close the pores and skin lightening. Then apply a moisturizing lotion as we have seen above.

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