Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault refers to any sexual deed that forces an individual to become engaged in any form of sexual contact without their will. It is a kind of sexual violence that includes rape, sexual torture, and even fondling or touching without consent.

A charge of sexual assault or any other type of sexual offense can be dreadful for an individual who affirms to be innocent. If convicted of the sex offense, it can have a highly negative impact on the life of the concerned individual. When charged with any kind of sexual crime, the first thing to do is to get in touch with an expert sexual assault lawyer.

Types of sexual assault

There are various types of sexual assault for which an individual can be convicted. Some of them are:

Rape: When an individual engages in sexual intercourse with another person who did not or was not able to give consent to the activity, or was forced or threatened into it, it can be termed as rape.

Statutory Rape: When an individual engages in sexual intercourse with someone below 18 years of age, it is termed as statutory rape. It does not matter whether the minor consented to the act or not.

Sexual Battery or Sexual Assault: When an individual threatens another person and forces to submit to unwilling sexual intercourse, it is referred to as sexual assault.

How can a sexual assault lawyer help you?

Sexual assaults are considered to be grave offenses that can lead to serious consequences if the accused is proven guilty. One of the most damaging aspects of being a sex criminal is that the convicted person’s name gets registered on the nationwide DNA database of sex offenders. A convicted person often finds it difficult to handle the legal procedures of the case and prove his claim of innocence or defend himself.

If you are faced with a case of sexual assault, hiring a skilled lawyer dealing with sexual crimes can be a great help to your cause. The lawyer will listen to your side of the matter and inspect the case before developing a comprehensive defense to help you out of the mess. A sexual assault lawyer with proven expertise and experience can make a marked difference in defending the allegations brought against you and help you toget a dismissal from the case or at least, receive a much lighter sentence for the allegation.

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