Seven effective fat burning workout routines at home

Who says workout can be only done at the gym? To get your desired body shape you don’t need to join any club because you can easily follow fat burning workout routines at home.

fat burning workout routines at home

In this article I compiled seven effective fat burning workout routines which can be easily done at home. Read on!

  1. Squats:

If you want to burn countless body fats, then you should do that exercise. People mostly avoid this exercise because it is difficult as compared to other exercises. You can make it less difficult for you by doing it on the daily basis, but if you like to make this exercise more difficult, then do this exercise by holding dumbbells in your both hands.

  1. Push-ups:

We all familiar with this exercise and the best part of this exercise is, it is easy as compare to other exercises. You just have to place your knees on the floor. This workout is best for your entire upper body, arms and chest.

  1. Jumping rope:

Let’s add some cardio workout in your daily fat burning workout routine. You just have to do jumping rope for only 5 minutes to make it more effective you can also do cardio for 30 minutes.

  1. Lunges:

Lunges, another leg exercise which is harder than the squats. You can also use the dumbbells to make this exercise more energetic.

  1. Stability ball:

This is a massive abs workout and can really get your abs screaming for mercy within seconds.

  1. Step-ups:

Doing this fast while holding dumbbells in both hands can really get the blood pushes your blood in your veins and makes you sweat plentifully. Personally, this is my favorite fat burning workout routines at home.

  1. Knees to chest jumps:

This fat burning cardio workout gives you the instant results. You just need to do this exercise for less than 5 minutes. No dough, it’s very hard, but it is best for the legs and the abs.

Apart from the fat burning workout routines at home, you can also keep an eye on the weight loss detox smoothie recipes for weight loss. Let’s have a look at the effective weight loss detox smoothie recipes that you can easily do at home. Read on!

Avocado Grapefruit Detox Smoothie:


1 frozen chopped banana, 1 peeled grapefruit, 1 peeled avocado, 1 handful of kale and spinach, 1 ginger root, 1 tsp of wheatgrass powder and ½ cup of water.

To make this gather all of the above mentioned ingredients in the blender and blend properly

Kale Aide Green Smoothie


1 lemon Juice, 5 peeled apples, peeled ginger, 3 teaspoons of seeds, 1 branch of celery, ¼ chopped cucumbers, ¼ cup of parsley and 1 cup of water. Combine all of the above mentioned greens into a blender and Blend it properly.

Restorative Detox Smoothie:


1 grapefruit, 1 cup of coconut water and 8 basil leaves. Add all of the ingredients into the juicer and blend them properly.

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