Serum test for the eyelashes, the conclusions

When I knew the existence of serums to grow eyelashes, I must say I was very very skeptical. I thought, well, well, another matter … after the hair, nails, another passing fashion and makes us spend. But consumer tester that I am, I was true to myself and I decided to do the test and find best eyelash growth serum

Before starting to apply myself with an unknown substance so close to me, I first did some research. First, we must understand that the lashes have a cycle. An eyelash increases by about 0.16 mm per day when in its growth phase. Each eyelash has a growth cycle of about two to three months, after which it falls. It was explained that only 15% of eyelashes remain in phase growing while 85% are constantly dormant cycle. I was really ignorant … I thought that cilia were stagnant, I lay down smarter!


Then I inquired on the product itself. Sera to grow eyelashes were developed after a doctor at the University of California finds that his patients using a medication commonly used for glaucoma, to reduce eye pressure, had a significant thrust to 20% 30% of their eyelashes, both in length and thickness.

So convinced, I chose to make the jump, but to photograph the results to convince Thomas like me! At first glance, I thought Serum 5 Misencils very expensive. Admittedly, $ 110 + tax while I am not satisfied, it remains a mild shock. During a visit to a provider, the owner then shows me the generic Serum is said. No name, the same visual presentation, same ingredients. Although the representative explains Misencils me it was better not to use this product, the generic company representative that I was in me told me to try it, what I did

I began to apply the Serum unnamed morning and evening. I must say that I soon abandoned the application in the morning. Serum gel texture prevented me from properly apply my eyeshadow. I am limited to one application at night before bed. After a few days, I woke up with eyes glued. It must be normal, I think. Then one morning I woke up and crusty eyes glued to a not very interesting color. That’s when I bought Serum by 5 Misencils to see the difference. First, I noticed a protective seal on my 5 Serum, Serum thing without my had not. Also, although the texture and everything seemed identical between the two serums, I do not get up with the phenomenon of eyes glued using Serum by 5 Misencils.

Although the results were interesting at the Serum no name, I have to say I preferred to avoid any bacteria or problem with my eyes. I did not find reassuring having to knock my eyes each morning. By cons, I can say that the results were there. After all, it’s still the same ingredients.

I look at the pictures before and after and I can guarantee you that the following is complete! I love this simple little step before bed gives me the results and longer eyelashes trimmed! I was really surprised to see how applying a serum at the base of my lashes could grow them and so little time. I must say, I’m hooked. I, who considered trying eyelash extensions, I have to say I am overwhelmed with my Serum 5. My lashes are long and trimmed much, besides I do not notice most of lashes on cotton cleansing while I remove my mascara . I find myself even from work without applying eye shadow because the mere application of mascara accentuates very well my eye!

Eventually I learned that the Serum 5 does not just grow eyelashes. We have clients in Divas & cie Institute who dared daily application on their sparse eyebrows. Having used the semi-permanent make-up, they saw their eyebrows cover the line and get a well-stocked eyebrow. Unfortunately, I can not perform this test for you, having a line already well-stocked … and finally almost no maintenance, but I gave myself the challenge to take the test on the receding hairline of my spouse … No study proves , but if it worked?

So yes, a ladies investment of $ 110, but to get a withering look for weeks and weeks, why not? But be careful not to fall into all these imitations! A outfits companies now come with a range of products that loudly proclaim help eyelashes grow. It is important to learn about the ingredients and effectiveness! After all, when one buys such a product, we want results! So you trust a product such Serum 5, which has also won the H. Pierantoni Innovation Award, Paris 2012, but above all, see for yourself the results!

According to a stylist, our eyes are a very critical part of our image and they are at their best when they are nicely and properly shaped or fixed with thick, healthy and long looking brows and lashes.

The eyes are considered as windows to the mind and soul and are the point of focus on the face, little wonder the use of eyelash growth serums are becoming very rampant. A close look at someone’s eyes can reveal their state of mind and health, the eyes also help in reveal the age category of a person. Beauty is associated with the eyes as thick long lashes give the notion of vibrancy and vitality.

Looking good is a very important aspect of human life for ladies and men alike. Looking good is considered by so many as “good business”, especially for the women folks, with new styles and products coming up, keeping the beauty world alive and active.

One way which is actually considered by to be the best way to make your eyes look cool, more attractive, vibrant and sexy, is to keep a long lush lashes.

Today, fuller eyebrows are trending, they are the pattern that everyone seem to want to keep up with. For those that overly plucked their eyes when thinner eyebrows where the fashion, and now they are not growing up fast, getting them to grow back will be very possible and fast too with the help of great products such as Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, Idol Lash, Envyderm and Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator.  These products can help grow them back and give your eyebrows a whole new fantastic look and shape.

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