How to Select the Right Office Location for Your Business

Whether you’re a new business that’s only just starting out or an experienced company with a lot of investors and clients to call your own, there’s one asset which provides the foundation for your achievements – your office. Without a secure, comfortable, and fully equipped workspace, a business can’t focus on maximising profits or chasing big opportunities.

If you’re constantly dealing with connectivity issues in an office that has patchy coverage, you’ll spend less time on sales. If you’re in an inconvenient location, far from the business district of the city, employees will spend more time commuting and not enough time innovating. So, finding a good office, in a great location, is an essential part of being successful.

These handy hints and tips will give you some advice on how and where to start looking for your dream office location.


A Flexible Contract

Traditionally, it has always been quite hard for Australian businesses to find flexible, negotiable office leases. A great many come with extended 2-5 year contracts and this can be a huge sacrifice for young companies. Fortunately, there is an alternative. You can choose from 28 premium office locations across Australia and New Zealand with Servcorp. They provide serviced and virtual office solutions, with short term contracts and monthly fees, so that tenants have the freedom to upgrade, downsize, or move on whenever they need to.

Room for Growth

A common mistake, particularly for younger companies, is to automatically look for office spaces that are a snug fit for the size of the business. Yet, this doesn’t make sense if you’re hoping to grow and expand quickly, as most businesses are. To accommodate development, you either need to invest in more physical space than you need right now (to allow for the addition of extra staff or equipment) or you need to find a lease that can be renegotiated.

Looks Good On Paper

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a corporate address that looks good on paper. In other words, if you can get your business into a highly regarded and prestigious location, investors will sit up and take notice. You’ll attract a lot more interest than if you were sat on the outskirts of the city, in the suburbs anyway. It isn’t as costly as you might think either, as serviced offices are paid for by the month and allow tenants to pick and choose the facilities that they require. This minimises waste and ensures that you’re never tied to resources that just aren’t valuable to you.

Has All the Right Features

Oftentimes, too much focus is placed on having access to as many resources and perks as possible. This can feel like the best scenario for a business because there’s a lot of choice and scope for learning and picking up new skills. However, a more important question is, are these the right resources? Am I paying for the most valuable facilities? It is really important that you maximise your profits by investing only in the things that you need. So, if you don’t require a 24/7 receptionist service, but you do need access to conference space, pick a lease that allows this.

Why a Serviced Office Is the Perfect Choice for You

The major benefit of choosing a serviced office package is that it provides complete flexibility. You have the opportunity to put together the perfect workspace and then, simply, move in. This is a really innovative idea and it is changing the way that companies do business. The age of long-term leases and fixed contracts is over; it is time for modern enterprises to embrace personalisation, customisation, and optimisation.

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