Secure and Instant Backup With Immortal files

Immortal Files

Immortalfiles is an important software system that allows users to backup their files to any external drive and encrypts the data for better security. Every computer holds hundreds of files which you need to backup from time to time, but with Immortal Files, you don’t need to pick the files manually and it automatically backups all the files. You can define your rules to choose the files.

Custom Exclude & Include Rules

It allows users to set the rules for the file backup of individual files you want to keep and exclude the files you don’t want to backup with the software. You can add or remove files and folders for the permissions. Once you define the rules, you can run the Immortal Files to keep the backup of files you have specified in the rules. However, it uses modern encryption technology to backup the files so that it remains safe and secure. You can create the backup of files and folders to the external drive or online on the server. The software has many features and allows quick backup of your files and folder to the particular location. The software keeps the rules and regulations until you change the rules.

file backup

You can pick the files and folder by selecting the list of files from the hierarchy. You can include/exclude the entire folder, driver or even my computer if you think all the data you have included for backup is necessary. Once you settle with include and exclude rules, then just press the backup button to make the backup of the files and folders. It doesn’t only create the backup of your data but makes transactional copies of the files and folders. Even, if the connection lost in the transit, then your data will backup. It automatically creates a backup of files and exclude the data once defined by the user.

Finally, you need to determine the backup location to create the backup of your files and folders. It could be your external drive or the remote server to create the backup. This software can help you to keep the files in the original versions and can help you to revert to the original version. It is highly secure, yet convenient to backup the data and files online. It offers professional file management software and adhere strict standards to provide wider usability to the users.

It can be backup data on USB, flash drive, external drive or any other network using the standard protocols like FTP, AFP and SMB. It can be integrated with the external platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. It gives you more convenience and security to backup your files and folders online. Get the free copy of Immortal Files and keeps all the back of your files and folders in no time. It does not create any problem in backing up the data and provide an easy interface to keep everything organized. It is best-rated software and available online to multiple locations without creating problems for the users to create the backup.

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