Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization tips are not guidelines on to rank on search engines. Rather they are tips on how to make sure that your content is worth the read. This is what basically influences the amount of engagement that you get on blogs and social media.


To make sure that your article is on the top of the most searched items it has to be relevant. In that, the topic that is chosen for the blog has to go hand in glove with the rest of the article. As a writer, you have to make sure that all you produce is linked to the topic.

Language and Audience

The language that is selected has to be easily understood by your readers.  Hence as a writer, you need to know your target audience. For instance when writing an online casino game review for Yebocasino online casino on God of Wealth. Jargon like “wild symbol”, “scatter symbol”, “payline” and “reels” have to be mentioned. This is the language used when gamblers search for casino games.

Article length

Well, for the most part, readers have different views on how long articles should be. The article can’t be too long and it can’t be too short either. It has to be the right length. For most writers, article length also depends on the audience. So when writing a research-based piece it has to be 1000 words or more. This will give the consumer the feeling that this person did their research, as opposed to a research piece of 200 words.


To make it on Google’s first page of results, you have to make sure that your keyword such as online casino appears in the first line of whatever you are writing. The keyword selection is one of the most important things when it comes to SEO. However, as important as the keyword is, avoid using it too many times. This results in “keyword spamming” meaning Google will not put your article on the retrieved list.

To avoid using one-word countless times look for synonyms or use a thesaurus.

Other tips include the use of referencing, images and links. All these packaged together correctly can make an article a mega-hit worth the read.

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