Saving the precious time in dental care

When a tooth has become or decayed, it may need to be crowned or capped. The cap restores the original appearance and function of the tooth. The dental caps are more durable and are made with a custom fit which covers the entire tooth that is beginning at the gum line. In older days, the process required at least two trips to the dentist and it becomes uncomfortable alignment impressions, a temporary crown and waiting from more than two weeks for a lab to make and fit the permanent crown. But in new digital technology makes same-day crown is possible. The entire procedure is completed in one time saving and it is visited using a camera, computer and milling machine incorporated into a single instrument. This advancement in restorative density eliminates that need for alignment impressions and the temporary crowns or the use of an outside lab to construct the crown. The process of the crowns starts the same war as traditional crowns, by preparing the tooth for the cap. At first, the area is numbered and the damaged tooth is drilled to get rid of the decay and to shape it for the crown. This makes the crown fit perfectly placed over the damaged tooth. Despite of taking an impression of the area using a substance for the traditional crowns, the teeth are lightly dusted with reflective powder and then with a built-in small camera that is attached to the computer and it will take the picture of the area. These camera uses the reflected light from the powder to create a three dimensional image of the drilled tooth and the adjoining

New technology imposed in dental care:

The image captured is then transferred onto a computer screen. The special computer Aided Design software creates the cap design from the image. All the details including size, shape t indentations and ridges are included in the design. The software allows easy modification of the design as the patient needed. The final cap design is sent to the milling machine by simply ordering it. The machine sculpts the cap from a tiny ceramic block that is closest match to the natural color of the teeth. The carving process takes only about five minutes. The appearance of the cap can be further enhanced with the easy and quick drying stain and the glaze. The stain and the glaze are painted onto the crown using very tiny brushes. After the additional coloring has been completed, the crown is placed in the mouth and they are bonded to the old tooth. The entire process can be completed within an hour. Like the traditional caps, the same day crowns are extremely durable and it will have a natural looking appearance like the original tooth. These teeth are maintained just like own teeth with daily brushing and flossing will always help to reduce dental plaque to build up. If the patients have to grind the teeth at night, they should make sure that they wear a night guard and these caps will surely save the time in the dental chair.

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