Rose Gold: Why Rose Gold Earrings Are The Best In Contemporary Jewelry

Contemporary jewelry is beautiful no matter what, but everyone has their own preferences when it comes to size, shapes and colors. When it comes to gold rings, necklaces and earrings, the classic pure yellow gold is beautiful and timeless, but rose gold is a fast and coming trend. Rose-colored jewelry is created due to a mixture of the gold and some copper elements within the gold. These copper elements add the reddish color to the gold and tint the jewelry to beautiful perfection.

Though the beautiful rose colored gold started as an impurity in smelting in ancient times, it was quick to be used as a popular color in luxurious jewelry at the beginning of the nineteenth century in Russia. As it travelled across the world, the contemporary  rose gold jewelry became a common, but still highly luxurious, form of gold that looks beautiful on any woman.

Rose Gold

Some of the great highlights when it comes to wearing rose gold earrings is that the jewelry is more affordable than white or yellow gold, it creates a vintage look with the contemporary designs and it compliments all skin tones beautifully.

Almost every major brand jewelry store will carry rose gold earrings due to the incline in popularity. As well as in store, you can buy contemporary rose gold jewelry online in many places such as Earnest Jones, Michael Hill and Peoples. Though pure gold jewelry can sometimes become very expensive, rose gold tends to be less expensive due to the lower karat measurement because of the copper elements within the gold.

Finding a truly vintage piece of jewelry is uncommon and can be very expensive, but with rose gold earrings, you can still have that contemporary feel and price. The vintage look created by the beautiful rose-colored gold is a wonderful compliment to any outfit and any event. In modern days, finding the vintage color on a very contemporary looking piece of jewelry is quite common as the technology to create such pieces is easy.

But finally, one of the best reasons to wear rose gold jewelry every day is that it truly does compliment every skin tone. The subtle and pale pinks match eloquently to dark and light skins bringing out beauty in everyone.

The only thing you need to be careful about when thinking about rose gold earrings is the copper content and the inevitable possibility for allergic reactions from people that react to some metals, as copper is not a hypoallergenic metal. Even though the majority of the jewelry is pure gold, the copper contents can still take effect in small ways.

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So whatever the occasion, an engagement, a special event, a wedding or just a present for yourself, you could never go wrong with a beautiful pair of rose gold earrings. Your lover will fall in love with the pinkish-red hue as it gives every piece a very romantic feel. You can never go wrong with contemporary rose gold jewelry and earrings.

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