Roman reigns Is the NEXT Ultimate Superstar of wwe

Roman reigns The Next SuperStar And Future of WWE

Roman reigns was born on May 25, 1985 and made his debut in 2010. He is a professional wrestler and currently signed with WWE. He is trained by his ancestors because reigns is comes from a very popular wrestling Samoan family. From the generations to generations their people has wrestled some of the great names like the RIKISHI, UMAGA, and the most favorite one the rock. Now it is roman reign’s time to take their families legacy on his shoulder. Ever since he made his impactful debut with the shield he is considered unstoppable the heavy hitter of the group. He has proven that he has what it takes to become the next big face of the company. He was also a Canadian footballer. Reigns was assigned to the WWE in 2010 and put on the NXT for a while where he was directly drafted to the main roster of the company in 2012 along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as the shield.

roman reigns

  • What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) One time tag team champion with (Seth Rollins)

2) He has set record of eliminating the 13 superstars in the royal rumble match

3) He won the 2014 superstar of the year award

4) He is the 2015 royal rumble match winner

  • Why people see him is the new face of the company?

As an individual he has wrestled so many great matches that no one can’t forget, He has outperformed every single superstar and take on every new and old superstars and prove that he can do anything in the ring. He also has some great mike skills his careers greatest turning point was when he faced the beast Brock LESNAR and fights him with everything he got at wrestle mania 31. Since then he has got fans appreciations and made a many sees him that he is ready to become the new face of the WWE. watchwrestling online and see what happen next.

  • What about the current state of him?

Now roman has won the number 1 contender spot and will face the WWE champion Seth Rollins at the PPV of survivor series on November 22, 2015.

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