Some reviews why the game snail bob 8 is the best

Have you ever seen a game that features a snail as the main hero of it? There are so many great games we have seen but this one is definitely a charming with witty puzzles that players will guide a snail names as bob through 60 levels of challenging adventure. This is a game that people of all ages would certainly like it.

game snail bob

With each level they feature some number of deadly obstacles and hazards that bob needs to safely pass on his way to the exit. Players will interact with mostly flipping the switches, turning the cranks, and sliding the obstacles around in addition to solve a number of clever puzzles. A switch might active doors or cut the high voltage wire that will allow the bob to safely cross. As the progress more the puzzles become more complicated. Some switches that cut the power to high voltage wire can also deactivate a trap door that can lead bob to his death. Players need to act quickly and need to concentrate on many things all at once. Below we have listed some real facts about the game snail bob to help understand about all its features.

The game snail bob 8 is the best

  • Some pros and cons about it?

1) Pros:

  • It has surprisingly great variety of puzzles. Forces you to stop on each stage and consider it.
  • This game aims to target the younger audiences. To help them open their minds.

2) Cons:

  • Too much easy to make your way through from every stage.
  • You feel unsatisfied because of slow scaling challenges.


  • On which platforms this game can be played?

This game is made for all types of platforms, such as, android, I-phone, windows, IOS and I-pad as well.

  • How this game going to prove beneficial for younger audience?

Today, it has been seen that many young people often likes to play video games on their handheld devices and the game snail bob 8 is specifically made for one purpose is to sharpen the minds of the people through clearing tough challenges. It is an educational game that offers a lot of things and people of all ages would certainly like it.

  • The final verdict about it?

Unlike any other puzzle game, the game snail bob is a painstaking effort of hand crafting every single stage, by introducing new mechanics to explore. It is perfect for the growing minds.





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