Being able to drive and have the liberty to go on their own is for many a distant dream especially in the developing and poor countries where this liberty still remains a distant dream. While those teenagers in the rich countries can have their cars for fun, to drive themselves to the prom nights, many teens in the poor have to use this skill that they can drive to earn a living. Driving is a fun activity no doubt but not everything about it is for fun after a while. The driving license that they have is not given to them that they can drive as they please and have fun all along the way. Driving capability must be seen as a skill which will get a person reach to a place faster and be able to perform

Not all are spoilt!

Of course there are parents who spoil their kids with too much of everything and even too much of a car as well. They are given the speeding fast sports cars just because they can afford them everything. But this is not always good and not all parents spoil their children with too much of a car. They do practice caution themselves and teach their kids too. However cautious a parent can be, learning a few rules for managing your teenage driver can help you in being the careful parent that you are when it comes to road safety of the kids inside the car and those civilians on the road.

Just a means!

Having a car is just a means to an end which will get them to a particular place in time and it can be done effortlessly which is less tiring than running around the city in a public transport which will drain your energy completely. Many teens have the idea that they must have fun all along the way and they have to include all their friends while they have a great time.


Taking caution and warning the kid ahead of time before anything untoward can happen is always a prudent way of teaching the child some responsibility. Restricting the number of passengers in the car can help a lot as it can lessen the degree of distraction considerably. They should be taught valuable lessons when it comes to driving in the heavy traffic areas where they can lose control of the wheel. Distractions can come from both inside the car as well as outside of it. So, always practice caution.

Let them pay!

What could be a more responsible act than teaching the child to pay his or her car insurance himself? This will enable the kid to know the value of money and they will respect the parents for having given them the opportunity to drive a car all for themselves.

Scenario plan!

The teenage drivers should be taught to handle any accident situation by having a scenario plan wherein they will have a fake accident and they will play roles to take charge of the situation in every possible way to overcome it responsibly both for themselves and for the others. Along with this they should be given the training that they have to call a lawyer when anything happens on the road so that the lawyer can defend you and prevent any harsh punishments that would ruin their future.

School first!

The children should be given the most important lesson that they have to have excellent grades and everything else is secondary and these rules for managing your teenage driver would definitely help in future.

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