Remotely remove your stored credit card via iCloud from Apple Pay

The iPhone, which is currently the most popular smartphone on the market, thanks to its impeccable design, and incredible sets of features, is quite costly and because of this a lot of people have issues covering their monthly costs.

And knowing that the iPhone allows you to handle many things, such as make online purchases and basically run small business from it, it is no rocket science to know that you should take good care of it.

Here on this guide will learn how to remove credit card from Apple Pay for free. Most of the iPhone users store their personal info on their handsets in order to have quick access to them at any time. Under these data important files, videos, images and phone contacts are included. But some users tend to keep their bank account details stored on the iPhone as well, and most notably the credit card data. This is especially the case with those users who utilize Apple Pay. By using this feature you automatically store your credit card credentials on the device. And knowing this, it is perfectly reasonable that you will be in a big mess in case something happens that may compromise your device.


How an Apple Pay user should handle things in case the iPhone gets lost or stolen

It is really important to have a backup plan in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost. It is a grave issue when something like this happens, and we are all well aware that you may be really uncomfortable knowing that you have so many important data stored on your device.

One of the biggest advantages which the Apple Pay gives is the fact that in order to use this app, the user is required to use the Touch ID fingerprint feature, which normally makes it really difficult for anybody to use your credit card.

However, in order to be on the safe side, you should also take some extra precaution measures, such as remove the credit card data from Apple Pay remotely.

Instructions on how to remotely remove the credit card data from Apple Pay

This is really simple task, just follow these steps:


  • First, login to your iCloud account from website
  • After you have successfully logged in, go to Settings
  • From settings, navigate to the My devices section, and tap on the iPhone device which was stolen or lost
  • Tap on the Device
  • Now you will be shown all the credit cards connected with this device. Jut tap on the cards which you want to remotely remove
  • Once you tap on the “Remove” button you will be given a warning message, saying that you will no longer be able to use this credit card. Do not worry about this, and skip this part, and apply the changes.
  • And thats it, you have successfully removed the stored credit card credentials from your iPhone

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